Erica Mena Takes Credit for Violent Reality Shows + Takes Shots at ‘Love and Hip Hop’

When it comes to VH1 reality shows and violence, Erica Mena seems to feel like she started the trend.

During a recent interview with Rock Rants/TMZ, She says:

“I think I set the tone for the whole throwing the glass thing.

“First of all, the fighting didn’t start until I walked in the building. Then everybody wanted to fight. Even down to the ‘Basketball Wives.’ I set the tone of throwing sh*t, next thing you know b*tches getting slapped then jumping on tables.

“Like damn! There’s a little bit of Erica in everybody.”


When asked if the current “Love and Hip Hop” franchise is scripted, Erica says:

“What I will say is the era where I came in, the Emily B, the Chrissy…the first ‘Love and Hip Hop’ phase…see that was dope. But now where they’re going, it feels like…I can’t…like everyone wants to be a rapper. Everybody wants to do a song. Everybody wants to be a lesbian now.

“It’s just like my little storylines have been recycled. I should have just trademarked all of them.

“Even down to people being managers. It’s like everybody wants to be the same sh*t. It’s the same storyline being written, just with different characters.”

Check out the interview below:

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  1. Out of all the things people tend to brag about…this is what Erica is the most proud of. LOL.

  2. I mean I do agree that the first two seasons were the best, but it’s damn sure not because of Erica. Truth be told I forgot she even left. She contributed to LHHNY being wack. And she really needs to chill because 99% of her storylines were fake. So if anything she contributed to the corniness.

  3. Girl shut the f-ck up being a attention whoring hoodrat on tv is nothing to brag about. If anything she just highlighted how Mona used her dumb a-s.

  4. I don’t think it’s wise for her to throw shade since she may very well need those VH1 checks again soon. She hasn’t done much since she left.

  5. She was correct about the first couple seasons actually having a storyline, no i don’t believe she contributed to anything but the demise of the show. But it does seem like all the new characters are recycled World Star “celebrites” who minutes of fame is over as soon as the show wraps up

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