Erykah Badu Gets Petty?

Erykah Badu is no stranger to causing controversy on Twitter, but even some of her diehard fans are surprised by her latest incident.

Hours ago, the R&B singer apparently threw some slick shade towards a woman who was using the social media platform to promote her line of lingerie.

Erykah thought it was necessary to recommend shea butter for the woman’s knees:

erykah badu twitter

It’s possible Erykah was just joking around but some of her fans have been slamming her for the tweet.

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  1. Erykah needs to get her earthly a-s off Twitter. Her music is too good to be doing this f-ck sh-t.

  2. I guess Erykah wanted some attention. There is nothing wrong with this woman’s knee caps. But her stans swear she is so conscious and deep. Child please.

  3. Anybody else would be getting dragged left and right but Erykah do it and it gets laughed off. I really wish people would take her off this pedestal they have her on. Good music doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t come from a good person

  4. I’d love to know how she’s any better than Azealia? She really came for another black woman who was minding her business and promoting her business. But she trolled her anyway.

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