K Michelle Has Some Words for Young Black Men

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

K Michelle took to Twitter recently to reminisce about a time when young black men had better role models.

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  1. Well someone can flip the script and ask her who is her influence because she’s out here looking like a Kardashian with all this outrageous plastic surgery. Just saying.

    1. True. But I get where she is coming from. Especially when you have grown men out here in their 40s saying their dream job is being a rapper.

  2. I think rappers have had influence on young back men for decades. The difference is they aren’t rapping about the things that matter anymore and most of them won’t be caught dead being conscious because they don’t think they can sell records that way. But I think Kendrick and J Cole are proving them wrong.

    1. For real I wonder if it’s the ones that been saying her cooch stank cause she decided to sleep with a few people in that industry smh

  3. What she said is quite real but shes not the one to say it, she is far from an example so she should leave this to the people who don’t have twitter beefs and aren’t seen on tv fighting

  4. She’s loaded with plastic surgery, and has no problem making the body part she sits on and sh*ts out of a forefront like she doesn’t have anything else to offer. What image is she ending to young black girls with body issues, pray tell?
    Nah. A rapper must have curved her.

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