Erica Mena Responds to Bow Wow + Calls out His Baby Mama

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Bow Wow and Erica Mena’s relationship went sour and their engagement was called off after multiple spats on social media, but Bow Wow recently revealed the real cause of the breakup was Erica’s feud with his baby mama Joie Chavis.

Erica has taken to social media to confirm the cause of their split was indeed Joie and she tells her social media followers that she really believes Joie was just plain jealous.

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  1. But if Joie wanted Bow Wow so bad like Erica is saying why didn’t she get back with him after they broke up. Bow Wow tried to get back with Joie and she paid him dust and got with Bu. I’ll take what Erica is saying with a grain of salt. Truth be told I I wouldn’t want my daughter around Erica either lets not forget how she was calling black people more specifically black women monkeys.

  2. Did Bow Wow not admit to still having feelings for Joie tho?! C’mon man… ? Why are they even still talking about this..

  3. Truth is I feel bad for them both especially joi . Shad is washed up as a rapper and actor and a midget. Joi wants to be a family like most baby mother’s do …if there was no baby she wouldn’t be pressed.Erica please understand you are a baby mother and have been in her. You should be more compassionate, if you even cared about your kid outside of television and aside from telling him about bow-wow. You’re a bxtch and not a role model. Can’t blame her for not wanting her kid around another/other woman to take her role/place as mom when she’s with dad. Not how it’s supposed to go. Erica isn’t even around her own child but wants to be around someone else’s child. Shad should’ve saved his seed(s) for “the one” and not been so reckless in giving them away

  4. I actually believe Erica. Joie is very petty and Bow Wow justifies her actions because he still has feelings for her. This is typical behavior for a lot of baby mamas and baby daddies actually.

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