Tank Airs out Moniece Slaughter

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Moniece Slaughter claims she is walking away from “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood” after the upcoming season, and it’s all because she’s tired of the drama.

Unfortunately for Moniece, she can’t even escape drama when the cameras aren’t rolling.

R&B singer Tank called her out in a recent interview, and he claims she harassed him after they slept together.

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  1. So he’s really out here sleeping with women he doesn’t know without condoms on the first night? That’s the real tea.

  2. Well we already knew Moniece was crazy so if anything, Tank made himself look foolish telling this story. You can’t be raw dogging people you’ve only known for 30 minutes. That’s gross.

  3. Tank is messy as f-ck. It’s funny though because I believe all this sh-t. Who didn’t know Moniece was crazy?

    1. Tank nor any man should think he could be fake, f-ck, then think sh-t aint crazy afterwards. A man will make a sane b-tch go crazy.

  4. Moniece has some serious issues. Like I want to laugh at some parts but a lot of this is just sad. She needs help.

  5. Both of them are crazy and nasty. With STDs running rampant out here, they should at least used a rubber. Tank was trying to make Mo look bad but he’s just as ratchet for sleeping with her with no protection.

  6. As a man, why go into so much detail? We already knew SHE was looney, now this makes him look messy and irresponsible.

  7. Ewwwwwwwww…..so Mo is a crazy hoe….and Tank is a messy nasty man who will sleep wit any nice looking woman as long as she’s willing to fck…yeah that’s recipe for disaster….yeah I lost respect here lol

  8. From the time this fool talked about liking to have his booty licked I had to step back. It’s one thing to be transparent, it’s totally another to put all your business out there under the guise of “being real”.

  9. Message From Moniece’s Mother

    “This note is a direct request to all those who participated in the shameful, degrading, disrespectful Tank interview, conducted by Jason Lee, and promoted by Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. My objective is simple, REMOVE THIS INTERVIEW FROM ALL SOCIAL MEDIA & DON’T AIR THIS ON SEASON 3 of LHHH..PERIOD!

    After this interview was brought to my attention I sobbed for hours asking questions like “how can a grown man be so void of character to share such graphic sexual details of any woman, much less someone’s mother?” The next question was “have we become so desensitized as a community and society that we find this gross spotlight of disrespect and degradation entertaining?” The final question was one I ask God directly “can you show me how to fight for Moniece in a way that will be comforting and effective to her.” With a open heart His response was crystal clear and simple “the same way I fight for you, by standing between you and the enemy!” He reminded me that despite my flaws He still gives my the power of choice. My tears flowed freely, realizing that my love for Moniece has been focused on pushing her to see her potential, making sure she exhibits the love invested in her growing up, and holding her responsible to understand my disappointment in the choices she makes that seem to ignore right from wrong. In that moment God also showed me that the two people he entrusted to both bring Moniece to the world and guide her, had neglected, by every fault of our own to do the one thing that he ask of every parent, “stand in the gap with her and be a shield of protection for her!” Well today my eyes are open, and my commitment is renewed. I am not here to throw punches or stoop to worthless character assignations, but I will STAND with Moniece!!!! She is flawed, but so am I! She’s imperfect, but in God’s eyes perfectly imperfect, so am I!

    So today I ask each of you to join me and stand with Moniece: SHARE MY WORDS! Our silence has become acceptance. My fight is inspired by Moniece, but designed to restore consciousness in an unconscious, morally detached, Godless world. If social media is the platform we recognize, then so let it be! No one….I repeat…No one is deserving of this type of disrespect. It’s time to let our voices be heard!!! Post the attached note on all the following sites until the request for deletion is honored.

    Here is the link to Moniece’s response to the interview (it will be the only reference I will post). I am SOOO proud of her: @nymagee #positivitycangoviral
    Repost to all the following pages! Share with every conscious person you know. We can make a difference.


  10. Message From Moniece’s Mother

    “On behalf of my family I am sickened by this whole circus event. Tank, I know you personally, and the amount of disrespect you just dished out can’t, and won’t be met with silence. Even if every single thing that you stated about my daughter were true, your blow by blow graphic picture is more than any mother, father, son, grandparent, friend, or family member needed to hear. I am sitting here asking the question out loud “is there no more honor left amongst men?” The issue here isn’t about Moniece’s sexually indiscretion, or promiscuous behavior, but your lack of intergrity in your decision to share these details in a public forum. Let’s not even discuss that you are regergitating details about events that transpired a decade ago (beginning to wonder who really can’t let it go)! Then to add insult to injury, you are the father of a teenage daughter. Imagine a 30 year old man who turned your 19 year old daughter out, then did a public interview describing her pussy, sexual positions, and even bragging about how “tight his pull out game was” or possibly “cumming on her neck!” You see, no matter how “crazy” she may be, this conversation coming from a grown man in reference to your daughter at anytime would never be appreciated or tolerated. Moniece is not in this world alone. Regardless of her choices, good or bad, she has family that love her. I did not come her to act a fool, you’ve done a great job for the both of us. I am asking you publically…no I am begging you to do the right thing and delete this interview on this platform and all others. I will launch a public campaign to ensure this happens. Praying your integrity will return and my request will be honored!”
    Marla Thomas

    1. Your daughter has been on reality television acting like an evil demon spawn and embarrassing herself for years now….and you choose now to speak on her behalf? It was known in the industry that Moneice was promiscuous waaaay before Tank said anything. If it were not him, it would have been some other dude. Yes, Tank is a candy ass for kissing and telling, but Moneice has to take responsibility for the shame she has brought upon herself as well. She needs to grow up and learn that jumping from penis to penis, and acting like a psycho is not helping her reputation. You should be sitting down having this talk with Moneice instead of going off on the people who were in that interview. Clearly, your daughter has some deep seated issues!

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