Stevie J Responds to Joseline Hernandez’s Pregnancy

Hours ago Joseline Hernandez told her Twitter followers that she is indeed expecting, but she didn’t go into detail about the child’s father.

So now folks are wondering if the father could be Stevie J considering their very off and on history as a couple.

Interestingly enough, Stevie J responded to the baby news, but he insists folks have to wait to get answers.

Check out the tweets below:

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    1. Yes and that’s why people don’t want to take her seriously now. You can tell Stevie and Joseline are running out of tricks because they can’t even shock us anymore.

  1. You can always tell when it’s reunion time because these two get even thirstier than they usually are. But this storyline has been done before. The only way this would be interesting is if she was “pregnant” by someone else.

  2. This is why I was really hoping the rumor about all of them being fired was true. All they do is recycle the same dry storylines every season now. We’ve been here before. And she’s probably not pregnant again.

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