Serious Allegations Made About Stevie J

According to reports, Joseline Hernandez is furious with Stevie J because he’s denying that he’s the father of her unborn baby.

As we told you recently, Joseline hopped on Twitter and told followers she’s expecting.

Many assumed Stevie is the father, but he denied it on Instagram.

As a result of him denying having anything to do with Joseline’s pregnancy, she blasted him on Twitter and accuses him of molesting his daughters:

joseline goes off


After Joseline’s latest rant went viral on social media, a woman who claims to be Eva’s former nanny hopped on Instagram and made more serious allegations:

Tell the truth @mimifaust about how you have known for almost 2 years probably more about what has been going on with Eva and @hitmansteviej_1 . About how you fired me from working as your nanny around the same time as your sextape release which you still continued to lie to me about even though I am your family and was living in the same house as you. You basically tried to get rid of me once I was able to get the truth out of Eva when she came home one weekend from her fathers house with redness between her legs and having pain urinating. Tell them about how you told me about him getting arrested for child support like it was some kind of justice then he was out in a matter of days. Tell them how I helped potty train Eva or got her to eat vegetables and even try fruit for the first time. I have no reason to lie. But only because I had no real evidence except the words of a traumatized 4 year old. But now that I have confirmation of the sick nonsense from another adult I refuse to be silent. It makes me sick to my stomach and it is beyond disgusting. I never wanted my name associated with any of the rachetness but someone has to be an advocate for that child and stand up for what’s right.

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  1. Why weren’t the police contacted? This is just weird to me. If a child was really harmed, Instagram should not be your source for justice.

    1. I have a problem with this too. So if you weren’t mad, you are going to keep quiet and not report Stevie and Mimi to the police or CPS but if you are mad, you want to blast the information on Instagram..well both of them are desperate and ignorant. Joseline just lies too much for me. This maid who needed proof is a liar too because the authorities and doctors would have conducted an investigation. All she had to do and as a matter of fact it was a duty of both her and Joseline to report the incident even if they were wrong.

  2. I really hope this isn’t true. And if it is, Mona needs to fire all three of these people. Mimi for sitting back and allowing Eva to be abused, Steve for abusing Eva, and Joseline for only airing this out for revenge.

  3. You suck at life if you run to Instagram and not the police when a child is being molested. That goes for Joseline as well.

  4. Sigh this whole mess is disturbing on so many levels if true Stevie needs to be in jail along with Mimi, Joseline and anybody else who knew. While Joseline trying to make Stevie look bad what does it say about her if she knew this and didn’t turn him in. And if it isn’t true it’s pathetic because they using this for attention child molestation is not a joke and shouldn’t be used to get back at anybody or for attention.

    1. I know right, if true which I don’t believe it is, all 4 of them need to be in jail.

  5. Joseline lies a lot as we all have seen including about her marriage. She is childish and she plays mad games. She really needs to grow up and instead of hashing out reads, she really need to read the English literature…Me, my baby and I :/.

  6. Rasheeda told Mimi that Joseline was too messy to be involved with. She should have listened.

  7. This shxt pathetic, people get online and say anything and then delete it on some sucker shxt. It’s kids really getting molested every day and these no name fake a-s celebrities are making a mockery of it for a weak a-s story line. This entire show needs to be canceled and Mona needs to sit her a-s down somewhere

  8. That Joseline would involve that harmless little girl in some petty a-s, high school bs against her father says a lot about what a pig Joseline really is. If these rumours are true, she and that so called nanny sat on information that will scar that child for life. Just when I think Joseline can’t get any lower in the muck….she proves me wrong.

  9. If these allegations were true why did Joseline stay with Stevie, conceive a child with him, and then as soon as this you go left you start calling foul on IG? Someone needs a new storyline if you ask me.


  11. Jesus! You all need Jesus! Jocelyn is sick for pulling a child into all this evil if she ever loved Stevie she wouldn’t of never stoop so low. Stevie needs to sue her for defamation of character and ruining his reputation.

  12. Joselene, liar liar pants on fire!
    Once a liar always a liar every time you call one who’s going to believe you.

  13. All of the adults in this situation are wrong if this is true. I have to ask, is Mona that in love with money that she keeps people like this employed? How does she sleep at night?

  14. It’s so hard to believe anything Joseline says. And for all we know, this other lady could be a liar as well.

  15. I know I have met some really crazy people lately, but this takes the cake! Any body who makes such moral claims is simply morally bankrupt. If you really watch the show and the interaction with the child, if Mimi believe that for one moment she would have hurt Stevie J. That women love her child and so does Steve J and the respect for both was shown. This is sad attempt to discredit them as people. Joslene is simply morally bankrupt and has no moral limits. This is the problem with people making accusations about other on this level this should be a criminal offense and not protected by the 1st. This is way more that someone opinion , this is character assconation. The slander and defamation of a child. Joseline needs to go to jail. Way cries the line.

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