Wendy Williams’ Anti HBCU and NAACP Comments Cost Her a Major Sponsorship?

Photo Credit: Facebook/The Wendy Williams Show
Photo Credit: Facebook/The Wendy Williams Show

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wendy Williams made headlines recently for her anti HBCU and NAACP comments, and even though she claims her words were taken out of context, rumor has it her comments cost her a major sponsorship.

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  1. I don’t like to wish ill on anyone but part of me hopes this is true. Wendy has been putting down all things black since she got this talk show. And she’s never once apologized or got in any trouble for it. It’s time for her to see that she can’t just say what she wants about us anymore. We do matter, and it’s time for sellouts like her to understand that. She would never say something anti white.

  2. Good. Wendy figured since she was putting down the black community, she had nothing to lose. This is how you know she doesn’t see any value in the black community. People left and right are starting to be held accountable for their anti-black rhetoric and it’s about time.

    1. That’s what made this whole situation so infuriating. She doesn’t understand the history behind HBCUs and she puts white superiority on a pedestal. She can’t even fathom that you can be a successful black person and graduate from a HBCU. She thinks selling out is necessary for success as well. She’s such an embarrassment.

  3. Well Wendy is on her damage control game now. Roland Martin will be on her show this week!! I won’t be watching. I’ll wait for someone to post the clips to YouTube!!

  4. Wendy f-cked up this time. But what I don’t understand is why people couldn’t see through her sh-t before she said this dumb sh-t. She really doesn’t f-ck with any famous black women and throws them under the bus for white women like Adele all the time. Now I don’t need her c–n a-s trying to pretend she’s down now because those sponsorships are dwindling. F-ck that fake sh-t. Stand behind your self hate so we can continue to weed you weak c–ns out.

  5. Wendy williams show should be canceled and should have been canceled years ago. It’s people like Wendy is why Black people are being murdered. Because wendy sales the black people out just to have a talk show. Wendy williams show is more dangerous than Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Both shows need to be CANCELED.

  6. Honestly these are the kind of things we have to do to get change. Money talks. We need to pressure more big businesses to take away money from anti-black people and platforms. But we can’t pressure them to that if we don’t first take our money out of their companies. Please boycott these major companies who have been silent on black lives matter but have been speaking up for police officers. Also put your money in black owned banks.

  7. I do watch Wendy’s show on occasion as I enjoy hot topics. However it seems she does have some sort of attitude with Black women. She kinda looks for something negative to say especially if the other lady looks better than her which isnt hard to do. Wendy is one day from being homely.

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