Sales Projections Are in for Fantasia Barrino’s New Album, ‘The Definition Of…’

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Fantasia Barrino just released her fifth studio album on Saturday, and sales projections have already been released.

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  1. Bye to R&B.. This is a travesty for a beautiful genres of music. It’ really hurts me to even see a lot of black supported blogs posting the Kardashians minute after minute instead of spreading the word for struggling artists whenever they release an album.

  2. I’m not surprised. People will get on Twitter and complain about how much bigger people like Fanny and so and so should be but when it’s time to buy albums, they are nowhere to be found. I think Fanny is talented but I was never really into her music like that. I know she has a lot of fans though so this makes no sense.

    1. I went out and downloaded my copy yesterday. Love her music and it’s a shame she’s not doing better sales. We treat our artists like sh-t but wanna talk crap when folks like Adele do well. Her fans actually make sure to support her.

  3. Well she didn’t have a hit single this time around so these numbers make sense. Not every artist can do well out here with no hit singles.

  4. They didn’t do good promotion for this album I knew about it because I’m a music junkie and I like her song No time for it. I’m going to buy it because Fantasia’s albums are always overall good to me only one I didn’t buy was the last one. R&B is my favorite type of music it’s just ridiculous the lack of respect it gets.

  5. Most artists are flopping right now. It’s only a few who can even go platinum. This is why I don’t understand why there are still people trying to get record deals. Music is no longer profitable unless you have tour power,

  6. Meh. After seeing her live, I’m not surprised. I used to be a fan and she lost me a long time ago when she left the r&b vibe. I wish I could remember what genre she referred to her music as at the concert but all I know is that I wasn’t feeling it. I may give this album a listen just to support tho…

  7. SAY YES TO R&B!!! I grew up on this What is it writers don’t write, Hell get in touch with SMOKEY, Where are the damn writers

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