Memphitz Takes a Lie Detector Test for Allegations Made by K Michelle

Photo Credit: WE tv
Photo Credit: WE tv

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

On the most recent episode of “Marriage Boot Camp,” Toya Wright admitted that these days she does question Memphitz’s innocence when it comes to the abuse accusations made by K Michelle.

But later on in the same episode, Memphitz took a lie detector test regarding the situation, and the results have folks talking on social media.

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  1. Not all lie detectors are trustworthy. But as we can see by how he treated Toya on this show, it’s not hard to believe he put his hands on K.

  2. I’ve always thought she was lying and I will continue to think she lied. On LHHA she said he beat her and punched her but in the deposition she said he didn’t hit her with his hands. In court she said he threw a water bottle at her and tried to smother her with a towel. And I don’t even think he did that. And even the record label people said in court that he didn’t steal any money from her budget.

  3. Something obviously happened that night. And Memphitz has already proven that he’s a very angry person. So it is what it is.

  4. The deposition video is very interesting. She pretty much denied everything she’s been saying on the show and in interviews. Regardless Memhitz lost his lawsuit so it’s just all so confusing.

  5. I don’t give a sh-t about a lie detector test. He lost his defamation suit. That’s all I need to know.

  6. Like others have already said, this doesn’t change anything for me. I still believe he got physical with her and I will continue to think that.

  7. I don’t think he physically assaulted K. I do think he was verbally abusive and may have been aggressive. However, based on some of the violence I’ve seen K perpetrate on others I think if he did put his hands on her he was probably just holding her down to prevent her from hitting him in self defense. They both need counseling. i don’t believe either is an innocent party in the situation.

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