Momma Dee Has Some Words for Karlie Redd

Most recently, Momma Dee gave her opinion on Tommie and Joseline’s beef, and she told her Twitter followers that she thinks Tommie’s real issue is jealousy.

She seems to think Tommie just wants Joseline’s spot, and it didn’t take long for Tommie to clap back.

Now Momma Dee has some words for Karlie Redd.

She tweeted the following as the second part of the reunion aired:

momma dee twitter

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  1. I mean Karlie has had her run ins with the women on the show too. I just think Lyfe really got under her skin.

  2. Well she not lying about the Tommie and Joseline situation but she lost me with Karlie. Karlie main problem is her a-s is to old and desperate to be acting like a damn fool over these dudes that’s why she stay getting dissed and dismissed.

  3. But didn’t Momma Dee tell Erica she only tried her and her mom for a storyline? What’s the difference?

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