Momma Dee Responds to Bambi Suing Her for Defamation

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Bambi and Momma Dee may never get along.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Momma Dee and Bambi have feuded for years. Bambi has always felt like Momma Dee interfered in her relationship with Scrappy. Oftentimes, Momma Dee would criticize Bambi as a wife. Bambi’s mothering also wasn’t off limits for Momma Dee. In fact, one thing that bothered Bambi about Scrappy is she felt like he didn’t hold Momma Dee accountable enough.

During an interview with Amanda Seales’ podcast “Small Doses,” Bambi revealed quite a bit. She filed for divorce quickly when she learned Scrappy was back in touch with Diamond because she was already exhausted from previous issues they were having. This included Momma Dee’s interference and believing Scrappy didn’t do much to stand up for her against his own mother. So Bambi decided enough was enough. She just wanted to be protected by her husband. But Bambi realized that was not going to become her reality.

To no surprise, walking away from Scrappy has not resulted in a drama-free life for Bambi. In fact, Momma Dee and Scrappy’s exes have been coming for her left and right. On the recent season of LHHATL, Erica Dixon tried to run up on Bambi. And Diamond made it clear that she has no remorse about being in a hotel with Scrappy, although she and Scrappy have denied sleeping together while he was married.

Momma Dee said she is ready to take Bambi on in court.

Interestingly enough, Bambi recently revealed she is in the process of suing Momma Dee for defamation. After Bambi was arrested for an incident at a nightclub with Erica Mena and Zell Swag, Momma Dee had plenty to say on social media. She accused Bambi of lying to officers about her age and using a fake ID. This is a crime in Georgia.

Bambi made the revelation during her interview with Amanda. She was asked her age. And she said she couldn’t answer because of an ongoing legal matter, the lawsuit.

Well, Momma Dee responded to the lawsuit in an Instagram comment.

She wrote, “When you legally sue someone make sure they’re not lying on you girl and make sure they don’t know everything about you so when you sue, make sure it’s a lie and you did show that ID because it’s on the police report. Come for me all you want and I will destroy you.”

Check out the screenshot in the video below.


  1. Bambi should have sued Mama Dee a long time ago.. She’s been disruptive in her marriage and parenting…
    She’s never been nice to her and I hope she wins a few dollars..
    Maybe she’ll be quiet and act like a Grandmother…

  2. Umm I don’t know if Momma Dee has a lawyer or not but saying you’re going to destroy someone who is suing you for defamation isn’t helping Momma Dee’s case at all. My goodness do these people think before they do anything?

    1. Mama Dee doesn’t think at all. I’m a mother and would never interfere my adult children marriage. She needs to act her age. She doesn’t want him to have anybody because she don’t have anyone.

  3. She already destroyed Scrappy so why not leave Bambi alone? This woman really needs to stop coming for people when she had her children growing up in a crack house and pimped women. She can’t talk down on anybody with that past.

      1. You are so wrong! I have known Mama Dee since Scrappy was a kid. My mother and Dee have always been close friends til this day. We are from Georgia! Don’t talk what you don’t know cause I do have proof and there are many people who know me and all my folks from Atlanta on the Westside in the Bluff, Hollywood Courts, Lakewood, The Village, Carver Homes, Bowen Homes and many other project communities I have lived at. Deborah has always loved and cared for both of her children. She has always been a Diva. Ernest knew me when I was 14. We love you mama Dee! You know who I am! You know who my mama is from Amal Heights who lived in unit 705. Thank you for inviting US over! We will always be family! Love you Erica Dixon! Down For Life!

        1. Girl bye mama D even said she was selling dope and pimping in front of her kids scrapp even said it on the show smh if you wanna be invited to thanksgiving just ask I’m sure they could use another liar on the team cause sheeesshhh

  4. Bambi is right Scrappy never told Momma Dee to stay out of his marriage and to leave Bambi alone, he never stoop up for Bambi. Momma Dee
    needs to apologize to Bambi andMomma Dee should be remove from the show

  5. Yes she needs to stay out of her son life and get one of hers and it’s wrong how she kept messing with Bambi and I don’t blame Bambi I’ll would have gotten out of that family too Bambi stay strong.

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