Naturi Naughton Talks Ghost and Tasha’s Future on ‘Power’

Photo Credit: STARZ
Photo Credit: STARZ

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Fans of “Power” just witnessed the emotional breakup between Ghost and Angela, but Naturi Naughton doesn’t want folks to think that means there will be a reconciliation between Tasha and Ghost.

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  1. Nah. They need to keep them apart. After the way Ghost disrespected her and the kids, it would be best for them to not get back together. I don’t think anyone who likes Tasha’s character even wants that.

  2. Tasha and Ghost are damaged beyond repair at this point. He’s just going to go back to Angela anyway. That breakup was a farce.

  3. It’s over. But she obviously can’t confirm that because of contractual stuff. And Tommy was acting weird in this video. I’m already on the edge about him. For some reason I think he may die this season.

      1. Girl I’m on edge because he said he could die this season. He said it in one of his interviews. He’s my favorite character and I’ll be so sad if he leaves the show.

        1. Thanks..get rid of 50’s a-s..has anyone noticed how good Anika Rose is playing her role? first glance I didn’t know it was her..totally out of the norm for her

  4. I would be mad as hell if they got back together. They better not even try it. I like her better without Ghost. Let Angela have him.

  5. Ghost doesn’t deserve to have Tasha back… he only broke up wit Angela Because he has to go back to being a drug dealer,wasn’t like he really wanted to end things.

  6. If she takes him back, I may have to quit watching. I’m sorry but I’m tired of the writers making Tasha so weak. Naturi deserves better. Show her getting over Ghost and finally bossing up please.

  7. Yall trys it! It’s a show get off yall high horse and im pretty sure yall other half done way worse than ghost and that’s saying a lot! And yall took em back without a 2nd glance! If tasha wants to take him back that’s her! She said they would have to take marriage counseling and he would really want it! Im all for tasha finding herself and finding somebody who she wants and start from there but if she dont she DON’T but she has to be literally over ghost! And if she’s not that wouldn’t be fair to her other half! So if she wants to make it work with her husband whom she has 3kids with I say let her be her decision her life her choice! Yall aCT like yall some saints or something gtfoh!

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