Is Wendy Williams’ Marriage in Trouble?

According to reports, Wendy’s husband Kevin Hunter has been causing so much drama behind the scenes at her talk show that she’s thinking about firing him and filing for divorce.

Blogger B. Scott writes:

“Show execs want her husband/manager fired from the show,” said our source.  “Wendy is in FULL support of his exit amid their major marital problems. Things have gotten so bad that she is seriously considering filing for divorce.”

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  1. I really don’t believe Wendy will ever leave this man. But he will continue to be a thorn in her career because he clearly has control issues and I believe he may be abusive as well.

  2. I’m not sure I’m buying this one. Kevin has always been a terror to her staff behind the scenes. Even in her radio days and Wendy has always been cool with that. She’s not going to divorce him now.

    1. She may not divorce him, but after they fired that producer Steve who’s been with her from the beginning, hubby’s job could definitely be in jeapordy.

  3. Her a-s ain’t going nowhere. He’s been the same a-shole for years. Wendy and her crew keep putting out all these fake a-s stories to try to make her evil a-s seem likable. They want us to feel sorry for her. I’ll pass.

  4. She should have been fired him to keep it real. People have been talking about Wendy’s messy husband for years and there’s no doubt he has hurt her career in some ways. He’s just too difficult to deal with.

  5. I think her marriage is one of the reasons Wendy can be so evil and not even bat an eyelash. She clearly has a miserable life outside of her career. Happy people don’t make careers out of hurting other people.

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