Tammy Rivera is Still Defending Taking Back Waka Flocka

Tammy took to Snap Chat recently to defend taking Waka Flocka back and she seems to believe more women should be willing to make the same tough choices.

She says:

“This ain’t none of y’all business. And I know it’s gonna go past half y’alls heads. But talk to your grandmother or your aunties.

“Today’s society is so [messed] up. Everything is disposable. Nothing is worth value anymore. That’s why we as women don’t know our value. We don’t know who we are. We don’t know that we’re queens. We really need to know our values. And that’s why men do half the [things] they do, because they don’t know their value. If they loved themselves they wouldn’t do half the [stuff] they do.”


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  1. The funniest part is when she said that BS she was talking would go over people’s heads. There’s nothing complex about her taking back a cheating dog. Women have been doing it for many years. The difference is now we are making our own money and we don’t have to stay in crappy marriages for survival. Tammy is addicted to the thought of being with a rapper. Being with him makes her feel better about herself. That is why she took him back.

  2. There’s another part where she said we have to raise our men because they are so immature. Speak for yourself!!

    1. That’s what made me bust out laughing. Tammy is a hot mess. I will never take her seriously. And what was she smacking on? So annoying.

  3. She’s such a damn bird. And I wish she would stop this my husband, my marriage bullsh-t. They are not legally married! It’s crazy how much people drag Stevie and Joseline for faking their marriage but not one soul has asked Waka and Tammy where their marriage license is!

  4. So, not taking someone back who has cheated on you means you don’t know your value? I hate when people play fake private but publicize AND generalize their decisions. I don’t knock her for taking him back if that’s what she wanted to do, but take his raggedy a** back and stfu about it. There’s no moral to this story….

  5. WTF is this girl talking about? This is what really pisses me off, the whole ask your grandmothers and aunties…for what? Validation for taking back a cheater? Just cause Big Momma and your favorite Auntie Karen did that does not mean that you have to as well! And if that’s what you want to, by all means go right ahead but don’t make it seem like you’re some type of martyr doing it for the greater good. And realize that not all women choose to go back to a cheater. I am so tired of women with this mentality. And with the next breath want to talk about knowing your value but stay with a man that continuously cheated before and after marriage….girl goodbye. Listen to your own words about value. Smh.

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