Moniece Slaughter Explains Why She Won’t Clap Back at Lil Fizz

Moniece Slaughter has gotten into numerous beefs since the first season of “Love and Hip Hop Hollywood,” and she’s not afraid to hit below the belt either.

She even went after Brandi’s son and the child’s looks weren’t even off the table for Moniece.

But when it comes to her own son, Moniece doesn’t think it’s smart to argue with Fizz for the cameras.

In fact, she prefers to let Fizz be nasty on his own and explain his choices to their son later.

She tweets (read from top to bottom):

moniece tweets moniece tweets 2

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  1. Does she not understand that her son will also be able to read all the nasty things she’s said to other people too? She’s not any better than Fizz. She’s actually much worse. Not even kids are off limits to her.

  2. This fan of hers has got to be kidding with that lame tweet. Fizz has never disrespected her. He has always told her the truth about her foolish a-s.

  3. Ummm the reason her dilly a$$ isn’t coming for Fizz is cause he makes sense. He always gotta set her straight. He’s more responsible as a parent from what I see. He actually puts their child first. And she knows deep inside she trapped this dude… how she was tryna trap other dudes she slept wit he just got caught up…..but you can tell if he had a better choice Mo would not be the mother of his kid if he even had planned to have kids.

  4. In other words, she just can’t deal with the truth. I can’t even recall a moment when Fizz was disrespectful to her. But as usual, it’s always someone else’s fault when it comes to Moniece. She’s always innocent and misunderstood. I really hope this is her last season.

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