Gabrielle Union Questions Criticism of Brandon Marshall and Colin Kaepernick’s Protest

In a recent interview, Gabrielle Union didn’t hold back on her thoughts on the current protest of the national anthem.

Fox 31 Denver writes:

In an interview to promote her new movie “The Birth of a Nation,” which tells the story of slave Nat Turner who led an uprising against slave owners, Union was vocal and passionate about racial equality.

And she sees a connection with the fight of injustice in the film and in real life.

“There’s nothing more patriotic than acts of resistance,” she said. “It’s the same reason B. Marshall of the Broncos, the day after taking a knee was stripped of his endorsement. After he made it quite clear he’s not anti-military, he’s not anti-police. He’s anti-inequality. He’s anti-oppression.

“If we punish those who speak out … what are we really saying…who’s patriotic and what’s American?”

Check out the video below:

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