50 Cent Goes After Jussie Smollett

Apparently Jussie Smollett decided to stand up for his costar Taraji P. Henson and 50 decided to get even more disrespectful as a result.

As we recently reported, 50 found joy in the drop in ratings “Empire” suffered from with the premiere of season three, and he decided to offer Taraji a job on his upcoming show.

Taraji clapped by posting the following:

In a now deleted post, Jussie Smollett decided to take up for Taraji and 50 decided to get even messier. Check out the screenshot below via the Jasmine Brand:


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  1. Power succeeds in spite of 50 but he is the reason that show does not receive recognition. And unfortunately for him he’ll never receive the accolades he’s looking for till he stops being a bully. 50 is the real punk here, not Jussie.

  2. 50 wanted attention and they keep giving him just that. He uses these IG feuds to promote his stuff. Is that not obvious?

  3. 50’s karma can’t come fast enough. I love Power but 50 makes it so hard to keep supporting when he does stuff like this.

  4. 50 is a homophobe. And most homophobes are gay themselves and just too chicken to come out the closet so they bash gays to feel better about being cowards. I can’t stand him.

  5. I think he has to know he keeps getting away this behavior because we love Power so much. He needs to sit down and shut up before that changes.

  6. That explains everything about his stage name 50 cent.His brain never developed from a boy mind into a man he’s so childish.Remember how he thrown shade at Ms.Fox she didn’t realize that he was a boy stuck in a man body. Grow up 1/2 of a dollar bill.

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