Lil Wayne Explains Why He Doesn’t Care About the Black Lives Matter Movement

Photo Credit: Michael Williams
Photo Credit: Michael Williams

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Lil Wayne made headlines weeks ago because he claimed he has never experienced racism so it’s hard for him to relate to the Black Lives Matter movement, and he received plenty of backlash on social media as a result.

Now the rapper is addressing the criticism, but he stands by his words.

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  1. Oh for the love of God! How can people not understand that BLM is not saying all police are bad? We just want the good ones to call out the bad ones and make sure they are punished for killing unarmed civilians!

  2. Wow… I wish people wouldn’t spend a dime on his music.. So all those folks that made him rich don’t matter?

  3. I kind of agree with him. Social media and groupthink has so many young black people thinking that the world hates them because they’re black but it’s not the case. Check yourself and see why people are behaving a certain way before crying racism. The people that will do you the worst will look just like you.

    1. Had he worded it like that he still would get dragged. Not everyone is down wit BLM and i think people should just accept peoples honesty, i much rather hear the truth than hear a bunch of lies a PR rep wrote

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