Big Problems for Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker’s Restaurant

According to the Daily Mail, Kandi and Todd are being accused of not paying people and writing bad checks.

The Daily Mail writes:

They set up the restaurant last October when she was pregnant with her son Ace Wells Tucker. The Southern-style joint is supposed to pay homage to her family, including her mother Mama Joyce.

But the duo seem to have run into trouble over the project. The court documents show that the reality stars have been hit with one lien for $16,512 by a carpenter named Charles Busbee.

He was supposed to be paid by June 30 but says has not yet received any money.

Busbee claims the general contractor hired by the couple to manage the renovation of their new restaurant issued fraudulent checks. Writing fraudulent checks is a felony in Georgia and Busbee is demanding he be paid immediately or he will have to take further action.

In the court filings, an angry Busbee said it became apparent after work began that he would be providing much more to the project than planned, and would have to be the onsite foreman for the entire job – notwithstanding any pay adjustments to compensate for the additional work.

By June 27 he had had enough and pulled himself and his workers from the project – and only then did he discover the checks were fraudulent.

‘I have spoken with you on numerous occasions since you wrote the three (3) checks, and I have received only empty promises to match my empty pockets,’ Busbee wrote to the GC.

A second worker, an HVAC contractor named Tyrone Manuel, says he provided a three-tonne system inside the kitchen area and a five-tonne one in the lobby area, plus other materials. He says he is owed $5,366 and was meant to be paid by the end of August.

…The grand total for both liens comes to $21,878.

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    1. This ish is cra. But that’s what happens when you step down instead of marrying up. Todd Tucker saw her coming from down the street & around the corner. She’ll be dishing out spousal support just like Mary J. Blige here in a minute.

      1. You KNOW that’s right! Todd is a little piss ant. Kandi sees the light. We all make mistakes. Unload the wannabe. The tires on his wife-bought truck are bigger than he is.

    1. Didn’t Kenya get called out for not paying her rent not too long ago? And she had a lien she had to pay too last summer for that new house.LOL.

      1. Kandi’s financial team must be amazing because this is the second time she’s got herself in trouble like this. Who can forget the play that she was going to take cross country and what a debacle that became. For someone so successful she seems to be a horrible business woman.

        1. I say the same thing she’s a horrible business woman. 30 mil my a-s notice how it hasn’t moved ir went down since that article appeared in 09

      2. Yes, but she sued by the landlord, evicted, however, the landlord was Phaedra’s friend. Kenya sued her for an illegal eviction, return of her deposit and prorated rent. The judgement was earlier this year in Kenya’s favor for almost 10,000.00.

    2. They did not write the bad checks. They paid the General Contractor and he gave them checks from his company. The GC got the contract and sub the work. If Kandi pays these ppl, they will have to sue the GC to get their money back. By the way, they opened this weekend.

    3. Kandi didn’t write the bad checks the GENERAL CONTRACTOR OF THE JOB wrote the checks is what I read. He is the one who hire subcontractors to do certain jobs,
      IJS. Read the stories twice before commenting.

  1. Meh, it’s about time for celebrities and reality stars to stop jumping into the restaurant business believing their name alone will make them successful.

  2. Kenya lien was fined and so was Sheree for not getting permits for their house warmings. It was only 1,000.00. She paid it. The lien from her eviction, she appealed and won 10,000.00.

  3. Kenya lien was fined and so was Sheree for not getting permits for their house warmings. It was only 1,000.00. She paid it.

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