Waka Flocka Clarifies Obama Tweet

Hours ago, Waka decided to get a little political on Twitter and it’s resulted in some backlash.

The rapper began tweeting about issues in the country and that’s when he stated that he can’t wait for America to get a real first black president because President Obama doesn’t count.

Check out the tweet below:


After he received some backlash, he posted the following open letter:


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  1. Who is he trying to fool though? It’s obvious he was shading the fact that Obama has a white mama. No need to backtrack. Stick by your words.

  2. He’s such a fool. It’s obvious what he meant in that first tweet. Ain’t he a republican anyway? He needs to ask his party why Trump was the best they could do.

  3. I think he really meant the fact that Obama has a white mother, which is interesting for him to him to bring up. I could be wrong but isn’t Tammy biracial? Guess that means she should no longer speak on Black issues cause she doesn’t count….right? People really need to mind their words when what they say applies to them as well.

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