Kenya Moore Says Matt’s Explosive Behavior Caused Her to Put Baby Plans on Hold

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kenya admits she’s not confident enough about Matt to have children with him.

Entertainment Tonight writes:

The season nine trailer previews some explosive moments between Kenya and Matt. He chases her up the stairs screaming at one point, leaving Kenya in tears. In another scene, Kandi Burruss claims Matt smashed the windows in Kenya’s garage.

“It took a turn,” Kenya says. “Some of the behavior was unacceptable, and again, I’m a woman trying to figure things out. What is the cause of this? You know, a woman put in a situation where she doesn’t feel comfortable. I think it will all unfold on the show, and then you can make up your mind whether you want to root for us to stay together or apart.”

Kenya calls all of this “a setback,” and confesses she’s put having children via in vitro fertilization on hold because of it. She told ET earlier this year she would attempt to get pregnant between filming season eight and season nine.

“I’m actually really just scared to go through the process,” she shares. “I can’t tell you it will be in the next month, or six months, but it will happen … I would obviously want to have a baby with someone I’m in love with, and when some of that behavior showed up … in the relationship, I just felt like I needed to take a pause and really reevaluate whether or not I want to continue to go down that road with my current partner.”

Kenya also admits her age is also a concern for going forward with her baby plans.

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  1. Funny how Kenya is the only one ever accused of faking storylines when what we’re seeing from Kandi and Porsha this season is most likely completely manufactured.

  2. I know she wanted another fake boyfriend to seem interesting, but I want to believe she could have done better than Matt.

  3. So she’s wasting time wit Matt just to have a storyline and and say she has a man (so called) this lady is soooo sad. If she was all that then why no man genuinely finds her interesting?? She has to pay people or promise them screen time in order to be bothered….at this point she might as well be gay

  4. She’s going to regret hiring Matt because when it’s over, he’s going to blast her much worse than Walter did. She never learns.

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