1. Are people serious? So let me get this straight, Lil Wayne can bash black lives matter and say he doesn’t care about us in public MULTIPLE times, but TI can’t check him ONCE publicly for doing so? Sadly a lot of people agree with Reginae too. I’m really over my own people right now. We don’t really want progress. We don’t want anyone to take a stand. And we are still defending people who don’t care about us. It’s sad as hell.

    1. Girl I completely agree. One minute we’re complaining how black celebrities are sellouts, the next we’re mad a black celebrity called out a sellout. What the hell do we want?

  2. She is always sticking her nose in some adult sh-t that ain’t got sh-t to do with her. Her dad came out his own mouth and said he doesn’t f-ck with Black Lives Matter and most of his fans are white so he doesn’t give a sh-t anyway, but we’re supposed to be mad at TI for calling him out. This is that bullsh-t. One day someone grown is going to drag the f-ck out this little girl and I’ll be Lil Wayne to that sh-t and not give a sh-t either.

  3. I’m not understanding the logic. Someone publicly bashes a movement created to uplift black people but they’re not supposed to be called out publicly. Yeah that makes so much sense.

  4. I really think it’s silly to be mad at TI for checking him on Instagram. Did most of us not say that we want black celebrities to use their platforms to speak out on injustices, police brutality and to be about progress? Now we get that (from TI out of all people) and we’re just going to tell him to shut up and don’t be an attention whore? Very interesting to say the least.

  5. I keep hearing this but it’s a copout to me. When someone gets on a national stage and says ignorant things on multiple occasions, why must they be checked by text? It’s like Lil Wayne’s pride and feelings come before ours. Umm no.

  6. I’m not going to sit here and defend Lil Wayne. We finally have other celebrities willing to call each other for being sellouts but we want to shame TI? I don’t think so. If you say something stupid in public, you should be called out…in public.

  7. But yet, he can diss BLM and not care about the struggle of African Americans in public. Reginae sounds like a fool.

  8. This is nothing but a distraction from the original problem – Lil Wayne does not have empathy for anyone and only cares about himself. You have to be a really dysfunctional human being to not care about people being affected by oppression. Lil Wayne is really no different than racists in that regard. Reginae should be disturbed also by her dad’s comments. I love my parents but I don’t defend them when they are wrong. That takes maturity.

    1. Who’s to say he’s wrong?….u just because u don’t agree with someone’s opinion doesn’t mean their wrong

  9. And this is why Lil Wayne will continue to not be sh-t. The people around him keep defending his bullsh-t. But TI said f-ck that and I appreciate that.

  10. I knew she was going to say something. She was quiet as a church mouse when her daddy said all that dumb ish though.

  11. This girl is annoying as hell and I can’t wait for her to get dragged….bcuz she should’ve minded her biz…her dad and TI are grown men…let your brain dead parents fight their own battles

  12. I know this child isn’t trying to come at an adult…girl bye! Wayne made a public statement so TI responded to him publicly. It’s really that simple. He didn’t need to text him.

  13. Folks need to stop looking for celebrities to solve their issues……celebrities are just for entertainment and nothing more,if anyone thinks differently then it you who have the issues….stop following ppl who don’t even know y’all exist i can careless about other ppls opinions and values i respect it,but at the same time i can careless i have my own things to worry about.

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