Kandi Burruss Claps Back at Phaedra Parks for Shading Mama Joyce

The other day Phaedra Parks issued a pretty ruthless clap back to Mama Joyce after she accused Phaedra of being a criminal in front of the Bravo cameras, and now Kandi is clapping back too.

BET writes:

The singer, when asked about the blog Phaedra penned about her mother, made it clear that she would never have said what she wrote to her mother’s face and mean it.

“You talkin’ about her blog?” she said during an interview with Atlanta’s 94.5 radio station. “‘Cause she ain’t talk to my mama crazy to her face.”

The former Xscape member went on to slam Phaedra further, saying she’s known for making shady comments behind people’s backs:

“She talks about everybody in her interviews or she makes sly remarks at the reunion, maybe, but she never really says it in their face,” she said. “Y’all never noticed that?

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    1. Really Kandi, your mother is always running Phaedra down as well as talking thrash about everyone else. I believe what your father said about your mother and her sisters. Joyce is the epitome of an evil old gossipy troll. If you don’t any one saying anything about your mother, take her old but off T.V. or keep her out of other folks business. I haven’t like that old hag since she lied on Miss Sharon!

  1. Kandi, she was asked a question in particular of what your momma said about her behind her back and since she was doing an interview the same in which you are doing, she responded with her thoughts.

    Kandi’s response is exactly what I expected.

  2. First off, how’s Phaedra going to way anything to her old, rachet a-s Mama’s when y’all ain’t friends and the only place she’ll be able to confront y’all is at the reunion? Cmon Kandi! And secondly, Kandi forever has Phaedra’s name in her mouth and her Mother in her pockets.

  3. Bye Kandi she definitely sounds stupid and immature “I bet she wont say it to my mama face” she sounds like she is in high school. Duh Phaedra and every other RHOA cast member say stuff on the blog and confessional and at the reunion y’all on a tv show idiot. Kandi tried her best to deflect from that ether clap back Phaedra gave her mama but nah boo she still shaded the hell out of Joyce and they still looking stupid because while they sat around talking about Phaedra ONCE AGAIN for a whole segment she slaughtered Joyce in a couple of sentences.

  4. Guess Kandi didn’t think Phaedra was gonna say anything?????? PLEASE her mama ain’t Jesus…and when your an older person who doesn’t show respect to others….don’t expect respect to be shown back…Kanid is just too ignorant for me

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