1. Because she’s not secure. She knows she’s weak for taking him back. Most can see she’s still insecure about taking him back.

  1. So in other words, that lady’s comment got under Tammy’s skin because deep down inside, she knows it was the truth? Just another day for Tammy.

  2. It’s so weird to me how these celebrities and reality stars just sit on the internet all day and read and reply to negative comments. I wouldn’t want to entertain negativity so much in my day to day life but to each its own.

  3. Tammy and Waka remind me of a lot of couples nowadays. So quick to make it seem like everything is good in pictures and tweets but it’s a mess in reality. I see Tammy wants to go back to pretending everything is great like him sleeping with Instagram thots wasn’t made public information not too long ago.

  4. Tammy is always letting some stranger on Instagram bother her. A simple block would have sufficed if the comment made her feel some type of way.

  5. I need a show of hands ….who really cares?! Also, hella people commented the same thing the “fan” did… and she chose the only one she could call ugly…. whatever

  6. Tammy, he is your husband. You can take him back as many times as you want; at least until your hear has had enough. Nobody cares. Stop explaining yourself. Women take the same loser back multiple times themselves. You just don’t know them.

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