Gabrielle Union Explains Why ‘Birth of a Nation’ Controversy Was Unfair

Gabrielle Union had some interesting words about how she feels the boycott of “Birth of a Nation” wasn’t really fair to her and Aja Naomi King.

Here’s an excerpt from her interview with New York Magazine:

Birth of a Nation, once hailed as a possible Oscar-winner, lost momentum after it was revealed that writer, director and star Nate Parker had been accused of rape when he was a college student at Penn State in 1999. “This is something we all signed up for with this very specific goal,” says Union. “Black liberation. Black resistance from the perspective of a sexual-assault survivor. And we don’t even get to talk about that.”

Union says she is particularly disappointed that the film’s female stars, like Aja Naomi King, who played Nat Turner’s wife, Cherry, aren’t getting the recognition they deserve. “It’s like we all got thrown out,” she says. “It’s like the baby and the bathwater all went down the drain.”

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  1. I said this on here a few weeks ago. People literally punished two black actresses for something they had nothing to do with. I don’t think that was fair either.

  2. I honestly think a lot of people, especially the black women who boycotted, didn’t even think about this. They were so gung-ho about boycotting Nate that they forgot to support the black women who were actually in the movie. It makes you question it all actually.

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