Tammy Rivera Says It’s Weak for Women to Leave Cheaters

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Tammy Rivera continues to defend her decision to take Waka Flocka back after she learned he had been unfaithful, and now the reality star claims it’s weak for women to leave.

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  1. It’s so annoying when women say this. No, it takes a weak woman to stay and settle. Especially since that’s what black women are expected to do anyway.

  2. She’s going to feel really dumb when he cheats on her again. Sometimes cheating just ain’t that deep. Most of the time people cheat just because they want to. They don’t believe they should have to just be with one person. Now add that to the fact he’s a rapper and it’s only going to be worse. It’s really nothing but selfishness and ego but I’ll let Tammy be great.

  3. I think women like Tammy say this to make themselves feel better. They aren’t really ok with the fact that they took back a cheater but they need to save face. I mean if you’re at peace with a decision you made, you wouldn’t keep trying to defend it to strangers all the time. The insecurity with this one is thick.

    1. True…like be satisfied/happy with your choice to yourself and stop trying to beat others in the head with your beliefs and babbles

  4. If Tammy don’t get this f-ck sh-t out of here. Ain’t nothing strong about staying with a man who will f-ck all of Instagram if given the chance. All her dumb a-s is doing is putting herself at risk of catching a STD and a life of regret. Sh-t look how things have worked out for Tiny. F-ck that ride or die bullsh-t.

  5. Girl bye. It’s not that men are magically disposable now. In my opinion, in the earlier years women were expected to stay in a marriage and feel as if they would never find another man because of sexism. Women were made to think that without a man they were nothing. Nowadays we’ve far surpassed that mentality, well at least most of us. We’re independent, out in the work force, educated and cant maintain our lifestyles with or without a man. It has nothing to do with being weak but absolutely everything to do with being a strong.

  6. This is sad. She thinks grown men are incapable of truly loving and respecting a woman enough to be faithful. Yes, some men grow up without proper role models but so do many women.
    There isn’t a man out here who would take a woman back who cheated on them ane they definitely wouldn’t be making excuses for it.

  7. Tammy clearly has low self-esteem. Taking back a man who constantly disrespects you by cheating on you is indicative of a woman who doesn’t love, value and respect herself enough to believe she deserves better. She’s got this sh*t all twisted. It takes a strong woman to love herself more than a cheating man and sacrifice the relationship she knows isn’t right in order to find the one that will be. What a sad thing when a man can make a beautiful woman feel so ugly inside that she feels she has no other choice but to take his abuse and disrespect.

  8. Smdh Don’t let loyalty become slavery, as they say if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. Its only a matter of time before she catch something she cant cure. I hope she don’t think he is using condoms…I hope she realizes what she is doing is teaching her daughter that a man is more important than ur self worth and dignity. I wonder if she would be so ride or die if he wasn’t famous. Doubt it!!!

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