Matt Jordan’s New Boo Puts Kenya Moore on Blast

We told you days ago that Kenya claims Matt has still been trying to get back in her good graces and she even posted an interesting text message conversation she claims took place on Thanksgiving Day.

In the text messages, Matt expressed his desire to get frisky with Kenya but Kenya ignored his advances.

Well Matt’s new boo, Tiffany Maiyon, is claiming that Kenya knew Matt had moved on and she’s just doing the most for a storyline:

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  1. So we’re supposed to believe what some Instagram “model” says? We saw the text messages. I know people hate Kenya on here but come on. I don’t think it’s hard to believe Matt would still be trying to get that old thing back despite being in a relationship with someone else. Men do it all the time.

      1. But they are. If Kenya wasn’t as beautiful as she is, y’all wouldn’t hate her so much. Matt downgraded and even his girlfriend knows it so now she wants to lie to make herself look better. She’s just mad she can never be on Kenya’s level.

  2. But this is and always has been Kenya’s M.O tho. Only her crazy delusional stans like to pretend otherwise.

  3. I believe her. Kenya has done this multiple times. She’s such a thirst bucket. But what can you expect from a person who said being on RHOA is a career?

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