Yandy Smith Drops a Bombshell

It’s been questioned for a while now if Yandy and Mendeecees are really married, and now Yandy reveals on LHHNY that they aren’t.

Despite having a big wedding sponsored by VH1 which included a TV special, the couple is not officially husband and wife.

Yandy admitted such to JuJu and Kimbella in front of the cameras too.

Check out the clip below:

A lot of folks are suspecting Yandy didn’t want to make the marriage legal because she didn’t want to be responsible for paying child support while Mendeecees serves time in prison.

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  1. We have been trying to tell people about how fake Yandy is. She likes to get on the TV and pretend she’s so classy and clean cut but she’s a real bird!

  2. So what was the purpose of the wedding special? I swear Mona loves these fake storylines and fake marriages. Chile…

    1. I’m trying to understand why they did a wedding special as well. It was a huge waste of everyone’s time if they aren’t legally married.

    2. The purpose was ratings and ad revenue. Mona knew the whole time they weren’t legally getting married but she didn’t give a damn. The whole damn show is fake as hell.

  3. This is sad to me. Yandy has really been exposed since she got with Mendeecees. I really thought highly of her and now the facts are coming out. To go through with that wedding and make such a big spectacle of it and it’s not even real? So disrespectful and pathetic.

    1. This is why I question the person Yandy portrays herself to be. She is too fake. I need people to jus think for a second. Especially the women who come for his baby mommas. If Yandy didn’t marry Mendeceed bc she didn’t want to pay child support how can she sit-up on tv talk Ish like she been taking care of them kids and bash his baby mothers for not doing so??? But you love these kids will do anything for them taking them to prisons without permission, changing locks bc “that’s what wives do…” No a wife should be mature and grown and realize all this foolery would effect the babies one day a wife who claims to already be financially supporting kids wouldn’t have a problem paying child support. Yandy is a trip. She is exactly what Chrissy exposed her to be on season 2. Fake and flawed. I’m too over her. Real respect real and Yandy is a liar. She wants the baby. I’m as to look like birds so bad but she keeps exposing the true bird she always been

  4. You know people were saying this and tea was spilling but I gave Yandy the benefit of the doubt. And yes, I think it’s because she didn’t want to take on his debt and child support. Mendeecees owes the federal government a lot of money too. But if that’s the case, then going forward with a wedding special makes her a shady character in my book.

  5. You know, I can’t help but wonder if Chrissy is somewhere chuckling at all of this. Yandy threw some shade not too long ago about her and Jim still not being married. And since throwing that shade, Mendeecees went to prison and now we find out they aren’t even married. Ain’t that something?

    1. True but the truth is both of them are losing. Yandy is out here faking a marriage to make herself feel better and Chrissy and Jim have been faking an engagement for the last 10 years.

  6. Yandy is out here looking like a con artist. Now they probably got paid by VH1 and all those wedding gifts and they ain’t even married. What in the world?

  7. I’m just trying to understand how Yandy, a successful college educated sista managed to become a baby mama to a drug dealer…I just didn’t think it would go down like this for her. I always thought she was the smartest person on the show because she wasn’t out here fighting and throwing drinks on people. Well Erica did try to tell us. Should have listened.

  8. I think the safest thing to do is not believe any “married” reality tv couple is married until they show a marriage certificate.

  9. Yandy thinks she’s so smart by not getting the marriage legalized but if she was really smart, she would not have hooked up with Mendeecee in the first place.

  10. I don’t blame her especially the way those wenches started acting the moment mendecess went to jail. They would have love to be able to take her coins and talk crap to her knowing she had to pay up! Love hard but be smart!

    1. They must of thought Yandy was going to keep supporting them after talking reckless about her and that scene when Sam kept saying “Yandy said she wasn’t taking care of her kid” but really those words came out of Judy(or whatever mendeecees mom name is) mouth.

  11. I don’t blame her especially the way those wenches started acting the moment mendecess went to jail. They would have love to be able to take her coins and talk crap to her knowing she had to pay up! Love hard but be smart!

  12. Sorry but I do not believe her at all. IFshe was not calling Mendeecees Baby mothers out of their name then she would have gotten the family she wanted.

  13. I don’t blame Yandy for not wanting to pay child support for his baby mamas! She made that money before she met him so why should she have to pay these heifers? That’s the real reason they stirred up so much drama by not allowing her to see his kids. They are petty b-tches I put the kids in the middle…

  14. I love reality TV. People who are watching these shows are always speaking about others lives. I will be so happy if Mona would start choosing from the people who have a lot to say about her cast and we explore your life. I’m happy to see more people of color enjoy life ups and downs and get paid at the same time. One thing I can say my by itself is full of life drama and sometimes I find myself saying “wow”. I know that I don’t have the courage to let the world see my life. I will continue to love and read all about others.

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