1. Wow. Kenya just needs to stop it with all these staged relationships. It only makes her look like a fool when it’s all said and done.

  2. Not a Kenya fan but this guy seems like he’s short a few biscuits. From the little I could understand, it sounds like he was down with the stunts up until recently. Don’t agree to playing these games with Kenya just to be on TV if you can’t take the heat.

  3. Kenya is out here looking all kinds of crazy and desperate. It’s got to be exhausting to be Team Twirl these days.

    1. I think he is saying that he really and truly loves Kenya and have gone along with some of the antics for her storyline, camera etc. but it seems that Kenya doesn’t want the relationship, pushes him away and then lie in front of the cameras as if he is the one with the bad temper, chasing her down etc and I’m assuming from this he is just tired of the stunts.

  4. Bwahahaha! This b-tch thought he was gonna be young, dumb, and manageable….I guess 2 outta 3 ain’t bad. But I am so here for the “Carnage of Matt”. *where my popcorn at*

  5. He politely dragged her too. Spilled the tea on her age, exposed the fact that she lied about hooking up with all these celebs back in the day and the fact that she basically paid for his services. She was even buying him plane tickets so she could have someone to film with. LMBO!

  6. Kenya doesn’t know how to fake a relationship properly. I knew when she was telling that story about him and the Jay Z picture that she was lying her a-s off. It didn’t even sound believable. Why on earth would anyone go off abut a picture from a video shoot from 50 years ago? She is such a bad liar.

  7. Y’all just keep eating up all of his lies because y’all are that thirsty for something negative about Kenya. But it’s ok because she remains unbothered. Matt will not get the reaction he wants from her. Loser.

    1. Girl why all her ‘Boos” be exposing her saying the same thing the last one said then?????? Every1 can’t be lying lmao

  8. I think that if Kenya didn’t mention Matt’s name, nobody would even miss him. Remember it is Kenya that brought his now girlfriend to the front. It is her keeping up the mess for her storyline.

  9. You know those women who are so pretty and you think to yourself, they should never be hurting for a man. This is the true example of how your personality is most important in finding the right mate. This chick is her own downfall. She thinks everything she do on and off the screen is ok and none of it is. Let her keep digging her own grave so she can lay in it alone.

  10. lmao Such a big as liar..I am glad she is being exposed, but she will find some way to make it someone else faulth

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