Rihanna Feeling Some Kind of Way About Grammy Nominations

Not too long ago, Rihanna expressed she has no issues with Beyonce because she feels there is room for the both of them, but today she liked an anti Beyonce post on Instagram and it has the Navy and BeyHive going at it on social media.

That Grape Juice writes:

Given the distinctly average performance of ‘ANTI’ (which has yet to sell 600k in the US) one would “think” most RiRi fans are over the moon following the announcement.

Yet, one disgruntled fan took to Instagram to vent about the star’s supposed snubs, roping in Bey and the Grammy committee for an attempted lashing in the process.


Beyonce scooped up nine Grammy nominations and Rihanna scooped up eight. Congrats to Beyonce and Rihanna for their Grammy nominations. #BlackGirlsRock

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  1. I’m so disappointed in Rihanna. They are really like the only two black women killing the game and here she is being petty. I’m so tired of this and the stupid stan wars.

  2. So Rih got 8 nominations and she’s still mad? Does she not understand how great that is? I wouldn’t even be thinking about Beyonce if I was in her shoes right now. She’s successful as well. She really needs to take a break from social media and stop getting involved in this stan war mess. She shouldn’t even have time to like crap like this to be honest. It’s time to grow up Rih.

  3. Navy, I thought y’all said Bey is the jealous one? So what the hell is this? If Bey would have done this, CNN would have been reporting it. Hell the whole internet would have shut down. It’s amazing how Rihanna gets away with being so damn nasty all the time but if Bey is even accused of not smiling for a second while someone else is performing, she’s Satan’s daughter. Let me leave before I go back on my word and mess up the truce with the UB Navy. Get your girl Get Busy, My Faves!

    1. I can’t even defend it sis. I really can’t. I love Rih and will continue to be a fan but she shouldn’t have done this.

  4. Rihanna needs to free herself from the Beyonce comparisons or she will always measure herself up against a person who doesn’t compete with anyone but herself. Beyonce said a long time ago that she would find her own lane and she did just that. Rihanna should do the same and leave the stan wars to the little kids. She will finally have peace once she realizes that she doesn’t have to beat anyone but herself.

  5. But the gag is Anti is better than Views. Why isn’t Rih and her stans directing the shade where it belongs? I still don’t understand how Drake got a AOTY nom. Maybe it’s the sales idk. It sure ain’t the actual music.

  6. 8 noms but she still needs to shade Bey. It’s crazy how one woman makes everyone so insecure. Beyonce literally does her job and doesn’t bother anyone. She’s all about her career, her child and her loved ones. She makes albums every few years and sits down when she has nothing new out. But she’s hated on anyway. I’m glad she won’t respond to pettiness like this.

  7. Rihanna likes shady stuff about Bey all the time. That’s why I laughed when I read that magazine quote. She doesn’t really believe there’s room for the both of them. That’s why she always comparing herself to Beyonce. Anyway, if anyone was snubbed it’s Solange. Not someone who was nominated 8 times.

  8. I never cared for Rihanna for this reason alone. She has a nasty attitude and she is always hating on another woman. She also riles up her stans and encourages them to be just as nasty as her on the web. This is inexcusable and not mature at all.

  9. Sorry, but Rihanna album was far more superior and she has a right to be mad. HOWEVER, lowkey she probably only “liked” it for the actual picture, highly doubt she read a thing

    1. If Rihanna’s album is more superior, then why isn’t more critically acclaimed? Why wasn’t it nominated in multiple genres like Lemonade? Why didn’t it outsell Lemonade? Why wasn’t it cohesive? Why didn’t it top all the end of year album lists like Lemonade? Why didn’t the Rolling Stone give it a perfect rating, something rare for any black artist? And she didn’t take time to read a three sentence caption? Navy, do better. So transparent and tired!

      1. Rihanna’s stans are full of sh-t and I’m tired of playing nice with them on here. F-ck her. F-ck them and f-ck her basic a-s albums. She can’t perform, can’t sing and none of her music has ever been monumental. She will never have an era like Lemonade and that’s why they are really mad with their non album/tour ticket buying a-ses.

      2. Don’t forget, Lemonade actually made Sight & Sound’s list. That is a big freaking deal. Anyone who thinks Anti is better is just lying to themselves because they can’t cope with the slayage of Lemonade.

    2. I’m Navy all day but I can’t even agree with this. Anti is not better than Lemonade. One can admit this without loving Rihanna any less. And Rihanna read the caption. She liked it because she agreed. It’s weird to see any Navy deny this when we all know that Rih faithfully expresses herself in everything she does.

    3. Umm so she’s only mad about Beyonce and not Drake, Justin Bieber or Adele? This isn’t about her feeling like she didn’t get enough nominations. This is about her being upset that she didn’t get more nominations than Beyonce. You should be disappointed that your fave is always worried about Beyonce this far into her career, especially since y’all swear Rihanna is better between the two because it’s obvious even Rihanna doesn’t agree since she’s the pressed one and Bey can’t even be bothered to throw shade on Instagram let alone post more than once a month.

  10. Man f-ck Rihanna. She’s always liking some shady sh-t about Beyonce but her a-s still can’t sing after 10 years in the business.

  11. Rihanna’s album is superior? How? What song was superior? Work? Needed Me? No track on Rihanna’s album is better than any track off Lemonade. Freedom…Love Drought…6 Inch…Sand Castles…Pray You Catch Me! Heck even ratchet Formation struck a chord in a good way with people of every race. The song itself and video were dissected minutes after she released it. Rihanna hasn’t put together any music or album this polarizing and probably won’t. She’s a singles girl. The fact is Beyonce managed to make a song from every genre possible and she deserves the praise because that’s hard to do. She made a full album and it’s great. To say otherwise just shows that like Rihanna, a lot of you are pressed. And she did not like this without reading the caption. If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to start questioning Rihanna’s literacy like y’all do Beyonce’s.

  12. Rihanna and her fans are very delusional and insecure. Critics have been praising Lemonade since its release. In no shape or form is her album better than Lemonade. The visuals, the lyrics, the messages and the impact it had in music and culture says it all. No one cared about Anti as much. It shouldn’t be a surprise Bey has all these nominations. Anti did not do well with most critics. They felt it wasn’t cohesive enough and the sales were lackluster. And all this Drake shade is uncalled for. His album was a monster when it came to sales. That’s why he was nominated. Anti had neither strong sales or strong critical acclaim so it isn’t nominated for AOTY. Get over it Navy.

  13. Anti is nowhere as good as Lemondade. Sorry Navy. But y’all can have several seats with that lie. I didn’t want to pick between them but since y’all are starting to go that way, I’ll make my stance very clear:

    Anti – only had a few good tracks, lacked cohesion, seemed rushed

    Lemonade – Beyonce’s best album lyrically, vocally, and message wise. Sounds like she took years to record it. Every song on there is good and it’s cohesive. And Freedom alone is better than anything Rihanna has EVER done.

    So yeah.

  14. I told y’all a long time ago that Rihanna was trash and jealous of any other black girl getting shine. Let’s see, she has shaded Ciara, Teyana, and now Beyonce. Who’s next for this talentless brat? Any guesses? I don’t even like Beyonce but I can’t deny how good Lemonade is. Anti though? Please. It’s another bland Rihanna album full of payola radio singles and weak vocals. Sis is still mad Bey outdid her at the VMAs. Kii!

  15. LOL. I can’t with people picking sides and doing the most like Rihanna did by liking this mess. It’s no need to even do all this when Adele is probably going to win anything anyway. And that’s what black people should really be upset about. But I’ll let y’all do what y’all do best – have stan wars and be divisive.

  16. All this does is highlight the ugly truth in the Beyhive/Beyonce vs. Navy/Rihanna beef and that is Rihanna and a lot of her stans are constantly comparing her career to Beyonce’s. If Beyonce is the inferior one like they claim, then why is she Rihanna’s standard to follow and measure herself with? Now I expect this out of stans but an artist? Absolutely embarrassing. I’ve lost a lot of respect for Rihanna because she basically admitted she’s pressed about Beyonce. It’s not a good look anyway you look at it.

  17. #DEAD at the Rihanna stan saying she didn’t read the caption. #DEAD again at them saying Anti is the superior album. #DEAD one last time over them not even using their deductive reasoning skills to see that out of all the people nominated, Rihanna only felt some kind of way about Beyonce. It’s like they can’t put two and two together yet. Hilarious all of it. Anyway…I’m happy for Bey’s noms but I won’t hold my breath. Adele will probably get AOTY and ROTY.

  18. AOTY is about three things, album sales (without streaming), cultural impact and critical acclaim. Lemonade has all three. No shade to Rihanna, but Anti had neither. Now it may be one of her better albums, but that’s not good enough for the Grammy committee. If she’s really bothered, she can get back in the studio and record a compelling album worthy of the AOTY nomination. That would be better than being shady on Instagram. But then again, this isn’t about music to her. This is about her constant need to one up Beyonce. I would imagine it has to be exhausting to constantly keep score all the time. Couldn’t be me.

  19. The thing that bothers me the most is Beyonce doesn’t do this kind of stuff to Rihanna or any artist. She would be dragged something serious if she did, but here you have in these very comments a Rihanna stan pretending like she didn’t even read the caption. On top of that, we learned it was Beyonce that helped Rihanna even get picked up by LA Reid. Rihanna needs to work on her insecurities because she looks bitter.

  20. I don’t follow Rihanna but this kind of surprises me. She always seems so confident with herself from what I do see of her.

  21. The thing about Bey is you won’t catch her doing anything like this. And that’s why the blessings keep rolling in. #GetLikeHer #RealQueen

  22. Love Rih but she’s been doing this for a long time. She is always shading Beyonce. Why her stans want to play dumb idk.

  23. She’s not feeling some kind of way about grammy nominations, she’s feeling some kind of way about Beyonce AS USUAL. She’s so damn pressed.

  24. I don’t understand young people. You’re not going to always get what you want in life but why go on the internet to be bratty about it instead of putting in the work to get the results you desire? Now if the tables were turned, a lot of Rihanna’s fans would be very upset and calling Beyonce a jealous hater and even a bully. Rihanna needs to mature and have a bit more class.

  25. One day I’d love to understand why Beyonce is everyone’s favorite punching bag. She bothers no one, but is targeted anyway.

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