Matt Jordan Exposed (UPDATE)

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore’s troubled on and off romance with Matt Jordan has been well documented in the media and just days after putting Kenya on blast, now it’s Matt’s turn.

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    1. Agreed. I can see Matt has issues but Kenya needs to stop with all these fake relationships. It’s pathetic on her part.

  1. This is worse than Walter Gate. Kenya should be embarrassed because as messed up as Matt is, she still decided she wanted a fake relationship with him for a storyline. She looks so desperate right now.

    1. Are y’all just going to stick your fingers in your ears and keep screaming fake until the season is over? Matt has serious issues!

  2. Ok? Kenya probably knew about his rap sheet and didn’t care because having a storyline is always her first priority. I bet she called TMZ and told them to put all this out to get even with him and get even more attention to their fake relationship.

  3. Kenya better be careful. Calling TMZ will only make things worse. Matt ain’t Walter. He is going to spill some major tea about her when it’s all said and done because he’s messeier than she anticipated.

  4. Y’all just can’t put the Kenya hate to the side for a second and be rational. Why on earth should anyone believe someone like Matt? He’s a proven liar and now you all know he’s also a criminal. He’s not someone you should believe over Kenya no matter how much you hate her.

  5. LMAO Kenya sure knows how to pick em……this time she picked an angry, ignorant, dumb messy dude. I hope this is a lesson for the next paid boyfriend that Kenya has auditions for. If her delusional butt wants you to act a certain way you better have it documented in a contract that she can’t call the cops to make shyt look good being that its fake anyway

  6. Kenya sure can’t talk about Phaedra dating and marrying a convict. Her man is seemingly in and out of jail, violent, breaking sh-t, using steroids (she bought) and broke. No wonder she was attracted to Matt, he has the same qualities Apollo has and we all know she is attracted to Apollo.

    1. Yes….but Matt isn’t even a good convict tho, he’s being tossed in jail for being an angry black man…smh

  7. LOL! I am getting a kick out of laughing at Kenya’s poor delusional stans. They are trying so hard to defend her but they don’t seem to understand we’ve been here before with Kenya. I’ll say it one more time for the people in the back…when it comes to Kenya “allegedly” faking relationships for a storyline, everybody can’t be lying.

  8. Kenya’s desperation got her out here taking even more L’s than she did when Walter was the issue. How did she not learn from that? Baby girl needs to stop playing and just wait on a real relationship so she won’t be looking so damn dumb. Matt is a hot mess.

  9. Idk if this relationship is real or fake but I do know Kenya can much, much better than Matt. She needs to look into dating an established business man who is closer to her age if she’s looking to settle down.

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