50 Cent Not Really Quitting ‘Power’ After Golden Globe Snub

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

50 Cent doesn’t see why it’s a problem for him to constantly shade “Empire” in order to praise “Power,” any many suspect his real beef is the Starz drama continues to be ignored by major awards shows.

Interestingly enough, 50 recently ranted after “Power” didn’t get a Golden Globe nominations and he made it seem like he is quitting the show.

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  1. Of course he ain’t going nowhere. He ain’t stupid. But he needs to chill out with these crybaby rants. We don’t see Omari, Naturi, etc. whining on the gram like this fool, and they actually make the show. Who cares about Kanan?

  2. I can only imagine how annoyed Starz is with him. Awards would be great, but nothing beats great ratings. They don’t really need the validation of awards as long as people are watching.

  3. 50 Cent is right they all can go and suck on something because “POWER” should be nominated and receive any and all awards that show is outstanding! The cast grabs and embraces their characters until you actually feel that they really are the people they portray. Empire is simple elementary when it comes to staying on track with their story line. Empire down plays “Cookie” Teraji P Henson she nows dresses like a model from the Thrift store while making “Jamal” Jussie Smollett look like he is the leading lady. I know Lee Daniels is gay but, living his fantasy’s out through Smollett on screen is just a show stopper!!!!

  4. 50 cent us the worst thing to happen to Power. Anybody could’ve played Kanan and he could’ve stayed in the EP. Instead his mouth has caused those amazing actors to pay for the foolishness he puts out in the world. We may say that the show doesn’t need awards but it would still be nice for them to get the acknowledgment.

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