Mona Scott Young Dragged by Jim Jones, Called out by Erica Mena

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Mona Scott Young has had a rough twenty-four hours.

The reality television mogul made a recent appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show,” and she’s been getting called out by some of her former stars since.

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  1. Of course Mona knew Yandy’s a-s was lying. Hell Mona is Yandy’s mentor. And both of them like to pretend they are so classy and educated but do ratchet stuff all the time. But yet they have stans and black women that look up to them. Smdh!

  2. Can someone decide what JJ was trying to say? I can tell even take this threat seriously if there’s no punctuation…. not even a single comma?

  3. I believe Erica. I mean even now, Mona and the producers are doing everything they can to make Yandy look like a queen and not a fool when anyone who isn’t a Yandy stan can see she’s just as much of a clown as the other baby mommas. LOL.

  4. Mona is trying her hardest to make it seem like she’s not protecting Yandy but that’s just not the true. And I don’t think it’s fair how they will let plan any scene possible to make Yandy look like Mother of the Year while she chews out the other women. It’s kind of like all the producers have chosen a side and they are ganging up on Erika and Samantha. I don’t think that’s fair.

  5. I thought she said something bad about Jim. All she did was tell how it started. Why is he always so defensive with any and everybody?

  6. Erica has nothing to lose since she isn’t on the show. She may as well go ahead and tell all she knows about Yandy and Mona.

    1. No he did not over react. We don’t know everything like he knows so I believe him because Mona is all up in Yandy’s A-s.

  7. Jim is going to drag her every time she talks about him and whenever someone asks him about her. His hate for her runs deep because he feels like she’s evil and pimps people out for money. I mean think about it. Mona really has made a fortune off black people embarrassing themselves on TV thanks to situations she places them in. The only person she has ever looked out for is Yandy.

    1. But they willingly acted like a fool on there. Cant blame anyone else for that.
      Now they making silly shows about why they arent married

      1. I was going to write a thorough response, but then I realized there’s no point because I respect your opinion. So let’s agree to disagree.

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