Stevie J’s Daughter Threatens Joseline Hernandez + Joseline Blasts Stevie J

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Joseline Hernandez is apparently a wanted woman.

Hours ago, Stevie J’s daughter threatened her on Twitter.

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  1. Now I do think Joseline is a hot a-s mess but I agree that Stevie is a controlling creep and this is all about not being able to control Joseline anymore.

  2. Everybody keeps acting like Joseline is the Terminator or some shit, bet her scary ass still won’t go near Tommie tho. It would be on sight for me too if a hoe had caused DCFS to open a case and almost take my sis away because of her reckless mouth. Joseline better hope that child of hers is healthy with all the evil she’s dine to other people.

  3. I don’t side with any of these people. Especially when it’s been made clear how much of a business relationship Stevie and Joseline have. Now watch them get back together and have a new show after the baby is born. I’m sure Stevie’s kids are in on it too. I hate the new wave of all these fake a-s reality shows.

  4. I think Stevie can fight his own battles. Especially when he has no problems being his age and not using rubbers. Maybe it’s time his daughter dragged him instead since he’s the one making the decisions that lead to impregnating the Joselines of the world?

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