After Yandy Smith Admits Marriage Isn’t Official, Erika Calls Her a Third Baby Mama

We told you weeks ago that it was rumored that Yandy Smith’s marriage to Mendeecees Harris isn’t legal, and Yandy confirmed such on the most recent episode of LHHNY.

Although many on social media admitted they understand why Yandy didn’t go forward with making the marriage official, some are calling the reality star a hypocrite since she continuously brags about being a wife to Mendeecees’ exes.

During the most recent “Check Yourself,” Erika claims Yandy is just a third baby mama since the marriage isn’t official.

Erika says:

“She’s not a wife. She’s a third baby mama.”

Check out the video below:

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  1. Well it’s true. She’s Mendeecees’ third baby mama. If a wife is what she wants to be, she needs to sign and turn in that marriage certificate and pay the restitution like a champ.

  2. How does one say ” I love your son to death” and in the same breathe disrespect the mother and change the locks at the mother’s apartment? All I can say is, Yandy better hope and pray that man don’t act a fool when he gets out cause chile….she sure is going hard for her fake marriage and this fake image she has going on.

    1. I can’t wait until he MDC watches the episode where Yandy is disrespecting his child with Erica since he didn’t wanna believe her when she told him.

  3. I know this is killing Yandy on the inside. Being a “wife” was her favorite thing to throw in Erika’s face.

  4. Where’s that annoying and ratchet Yandy stan that always gravitates to these posts to write some ignorant comment in praise of Yandy’s basic a-s?

  5. IDK why Yandy was going around even saying she was the wife……just to look mad dumb later on smh. It’s sad/pathetic to see the lengths she will go thru just to shade BM #1 & #2

  6. Well she is his third baby momma. She could have changed that but the way those restitution fees set up…yeah.

  7. She didn’t lie. Only thing is she makes her self look bitter and silly. Like why would you keep trying to prove that you meant something to him 6yrs ago..She said she moved on so act like it..clearly he did whether they are married or not. Fix this so that them babies don’t become another statistic

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