Watch: Yandy Smith is Still Being Petty

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yandy Smith is not done being petty when it comes to her feud with Mendeecees Harris’ baby mamas Erika and Samantha.

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    1. she’s lying. She know damn well she is miserable, dealing with the baby momma drama let alone a so-called wanna be husband thatslocked up doing 7+ plus years. Yandy the jokes on you!! your not fooling anyone trying to pretend you happy doing everything on your own with two kids and a baby daddy in jail. in reality she was doing fine until she met that man.

  1. You know it’s really sad to see Yandy stoop this low this season. Over the years, it seemed like she matured from the Chrissy and Jim situation and really became about her business. But now I see that was a front and this is who she really is. She’s a very insecure and childish person and I am so embarrassed for her right now.

  2. That ain’t no wedding ring though if your a-s ain’t even married so the f-ck you flashing that meaningless sh-t for? Dumba-s.

  3. Honestly if Yandy really felt like she was dat bish she wouldn’t be doing all of this. She’s not even secure with her own position which makes all the shade she keeps throwing Erika even more hypocritical. LMBO!

  4. I’m just going to come out and say it and I ain’t trying to offend anybody but Yandy might be one of those chicks who wasn’t able to pull the cute guys growing up. Cute guys probably didn’t start wanting her until she got on TV and started getting all these connects in the entertainment business. So her self esteem is a hot mess because she just became hot to them like a few years ago. No confident chick behaves like this. Also, I’m also thinking that’s why she thinks Mendeecees is a prize. She couldn’t pull the cute drug dealer back in the day so she sees it as a win now.

  5. She’s so damn insecure it’s laughable. After all the tea that came out, I wouldn’t be surprised if she paid for that non wedding ring she keeps flashing. If she didn’t, drug money purchased it. She’s getting multiple L’s out here.

  6. Erika has really got Yandy out here pressed but let the stans tell it it’s the other way around. That’s how you know Erika was way more than a “slide.” But I’ll let her cook. Her fake image is very important to her.

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