LHHNY Season 7 Tea

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By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The reunion for “Love and Hip Hop New York” started filming on Thursday and rumor has it we can expect even more drama from Yandy Smith, Samantha Wallace and Erika DeShazo.

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  1. So if true, what I’m taking away from this is that Yandy is the one who needed help. Welp, that makes sense considering how scary she was when Chrissy was on the show.

  2. If Yandy was able to hold her own, she would not have needed her cousin or Kimbella to defend her. But what more can you expect from Yandy? She talks a lot of mess but hasn’t really backed it up all season. She talked mess about being a wife, but isn’t legally married. She talked mess about wanting to keep the kids together, but called one of the kids a break baby and keeps coming for their mothers. She talked mess about loving Mendeecees, but didn’t even tell him she didn’t turn in the marriage certificate. So this sounds believable and typical of Yandy.

  3. So Yandy is about uplifting women but she’s out here jumping the mothers of her husband’s children on television. She is such a phony.

  4. And this is why we have been saying Yandy is a coward. She had her chance to handle Samantha and Erika all by herself but once again she needed help. If it’s not Mendeecees’ mom, it’s his sister. If it’s not them, it’s Kimbella. And when it’s not Kimbella, it’s her cousin. LOL.

  5. This is the worst season Yandy has ever had. I know her fans think she’s winning but she has now solidified herself as being on the same level as Joseline Hernandez as far as I’m concerned.

  6. So Yandy can’t fight her own battles? Isn’t she supposed to go into Yandy from the projects mode like she brags about? LOL.

  7. This is so funny to me. Yandy talked so much junk about how “hood” she is but when it was time to throw hands, she needed help from Kimbella and her cousin.

  8. What happened to Yandy from “Grant Projects”???? LMAO she should’ve been able to handle them by herself…but yeah ok

  9. Why am I not the least bit surprised any of this happened? Yandy does not fight her own battles. Let me guess, they also had Mendeecees calling from prison to talk about how Samantha and Erika meant nothing to him and they need to stop being mean to poor and innocent Yandy. Goodbye. I’m so over this season.

  10. Umm I really hope it didn’t go down like this and Yandy was able to bang it out one on one. Because if not, that’s just a bad look for her.

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