Chrisette Michele Didn’t Make $750,000 from Inauguration Performance

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Recently it was rumored that Chrisette Michele decided to withstand the backlash for booking a performance at the Inauguration because she got a fat check for it.

Specifically, $750,000.

However, sources close to the situation claim she actually got $250,000 for the performance.

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  1. Sold your soul for some change…… smh…. at least sell out for the paycheck of a lifetime so when no one supports you, you can live comfortably ! Lol

    I’m not going to get on the “I won’t support her again” soapbox, cause I’ve never purchased a song or an album of hers…

  2. Wait, people were actually praising her for doing this? What is wrong with people? There shouldn’t be a price tag when it comes to your own people. And then we wonder why we can’t change things. Too many of us are just waiting for the right price to sell out.

  3. Sounds like Trump’s team sent out this clarification after Chrisette’s team lied and said she was getting paid $750,000. Damage control fail on Chrisette’s end.

  4. They said she lost out on another gig too. Soooooo I’m really wondering how her supporters thought this was smart. She made some money just to lose more in the end. :-/

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