Matt Jordan Accuses Kenya Moore of Sleeping with a Married Man

Photo Credit: Instagram

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Kenya Moore is once again being put on blast by her ex Matt Jordan.

And this time, he’s making some very scandalous accusations.

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  1. I thought Kenya was already clocked about this a couple years ago and there were even pictures? That’s why I don’t take her issues with Porsha seriously. Most of what she says about Porsha is just projection. She’s the one out here sleeping with married men for bags, shoes and cars. Not Porsha. Porsha actually has real jobs. Something Kenya doesn’t have outside of RHOA.

    1. Delusional. Kenya was somebody before RHOA was even a thing. And she will be somebody after it’s over. She’s been a business owner for years. Porsha is new to this and usually had to depend on men to pay her bills.

    1. What receipts does he have? All he’s doing is repeating the same lies haters have been repeating for the last few years. But the truth is Kenya has never messed with a married man.

  2. Welp, he’s right about the Nigerian guy JoJo because a Nigerian blog actually busted Kenya about a year and a half ago with pictures to boot about coming there to see him. And I know Nene already confirmed meeting the African in LA, plus we all already knew about the married guy at Harvard.

    So it looks like Mr. Matt With The Crazy Eyes aint lying after all. Kenya picked someone just as vindictive as she is. This is entertaining as sh-t. Lol!

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