1. So even after they jumped her, they still didn’t whoop her a-s. I guess Yandy’s cousin is just as weak as she is. How do you jump someone and still don’t really do sh-t?

  2. They probably didn’t do anything but pull Samantha’s hair. Yandy can’t bust a grape and I don’t her cousin can either. They both sound like scary birds to me.

    1. I thought I was the only one who peeped that. I think Yandy is intimidated by Erika too so she tries to spin it like they are sooo jealous of her because she’s fake married to Mendeecees. But you can tell she’s the most insecure out of all the baby mommas. That’s why she keeps lying about everything.

  3. Well knowing security, you can’t really expect anyone to do much damage as quick as they move when stuff goes down. And by the looks of the last episode, Samantha is more than able to take care of herself one on one. She caught Yandy’s swing and had her shook before security stopped it. Sam was ready.

  4. Yandy is so damn dumb..that n-gga mendeecee is the scum of the earth selling all that heroine & crack…that’s y the feds got his no good a-s!!! Yandy deserves that n-gga cuz he’s a straight up LOSER!!! REAL N-GGAS KNO IT TOO

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