Watch: Keke Palmer Gets Wendy Williams Together

When it comes to the Trey and Keke situation , days ago Wendy told the audience that she deserved it.

Apparently Keke came ready because she immediately got Wendy together at the beginning of the interview when Trey was brought up.

She tells Wendy:

“I would have loved to turn on your show and saw you be a little more compassionate and less accusatory and ridiculing.

“Why girl? Cause the gag is you weren’t there.”

Wendy was a little taken aback, but by the end of the interview she admitted she was impressed by Keke.

Other tidbits from the interview:

– She reached a resolution with Trey Songz

– She was s*xually abused at 5 years old by her 9-year-old female cousin

– She’s into men and women romantically

– She has nothing going on with Meek Mill

Check out the video below:

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  1. I’m honestly not surprised Keke confronted her the way she did. Keke knows how to get people together without even being angry or nasty. And that’s impressive for someone her age. I’ll give her that.

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