1. Fly Amina! Run! Let Peter & Tara live in holy craziness! I’m happy to hear hat she realizes it was a toxic relationship & not the best for her girls….

  2. So Amina realizes he’s not someone she needs to be with it but can still see being with him in the future. LOL. These chicks will never learn.

  3. If all three of them are going to keep having the same storyline, there’s no need for Mona to keep bringing them back. It’s not interesting anymore.

  4. This is what most hood relationships are like the man goes around fakwing everything and the woman stay until their bodies are ruined from child birth

  5. do yall think peter is only divorcing amina now because her business success really didnt take off?

    and plus he already trapped amina with 2 kids so now he feel confident enough to divorce amina?

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