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It was originally reported that Yandy Smith and Samantha Wallace got into a physical confrontation at the reunion which led to Yandy’s cousin running up on the stage to jump in, but now sources claim it didn’t exactly play out that way.

According to a new report, Yandy never laid a hand on Samantha but her cousin handled it for her anyway.

The Jasmine Brand writes:

According to this source, Yandy, Judy (Mendeecees Harris’ mother), Mendeecees’ sister and Kimbella (Yandy’s BFF) were going back-and-forth with Erika, Sam and Kim (Sam’s mom). Kimbella actually threw her shoe at Erika, and Bianca was also throwing in her two cents from the sideline. At one point, Sam and Yandy were going back-and-forth when Keisha ran up on stage and pulled Sam’s hair, pulling her completely off the couch she was sitting on. This turned into one huge scene, with even Yandy’s hairstylist trying to get onto the stage to fight. According to our source, they were all trying to get to Sam. Security had to shut it down after the dust settled, removing everyone to avoid another blow-up.

Mendeecees was a part of the show. A prerecorded conversation of Mendeecees was played during
which he said he met Erika while Sam was pregnant. He denied traveling all over the world with Erika (although he admits going on some trips with her), and said they had s*x one time, unprotected, and Erika got pregnant.


Samantha has already taken to Instagram to subliminally respond to the rumors.

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  1. This sounds even worse than the first rumor. So Yandy really didn’t do anything. Her cousin fought for her. That’s so pathetic.

  2. So Yandy is even more scary than I thought, her family and employees had to step in for her. LMAO. I bet her excuse is that she had to protect her image and brand. Also, there is absolutely no way I believe a man that says he went on “some” trips with his side chick and smashed only once. His a-s has got to be lying.

  3. Yandy is such a punk. And I’m sure she planned for her cousin to show up just to fight Samantha. I have lost all respect for her this season.

  4. This is a bad look but I’m sure Yandy and her stans will try to flip this into being so “bossed up” and such. And I can’t help but shake my head at the fact that Mendeecees sees nothing wrong with sleeping with women he doesn’t care about without protection like it’s no big deal. Yandy needs to get checked out for stds. Relationship goals they said.

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