Wendy Williams Keeps It Cute

Photo Credit: YouTube

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Wendy Williams rarely ever has anything nice to say about Beyonce but she shocked her own fans when she congratulated the singer on her pregnancy.

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  1. I think she decided not to be shady because she struggled getting pregnant as well. Bey had some trouble getting pregnant and had a miscarriage before Blue. Wendy is evil yes, but when you can sympathize with someone’s struggle, you’re going to keep it cute.

  2. Fake smile fake congratulations she’ll be trying to drag Beyonce in the next couple of months like she always does.

  3. Just give it time. She will throw some shade eventually. Wendy has hated Bey ever since Bey checked her during the only interview her and Destiny’s Child gave Wendy. And it just burns Wendy to this day.

    1. Dam what Beyonce say??? I thought it was said she didn’t like her because they wouldn’t give her an interview..

      1. Wendy kept calling the group Beyonce And Them and Bey asked her to stop and when Wendy wouldn’t, she ended the interview. She hasn’t dealt with Wendy since and that is why Wendy hates her. I also think she goes after Rihanna because Rihanna won’t do her show either.

  4. I’m surprised she didn’t do like most Bey haters and drag the pictures. That’s been their go to lately since they can’t say she’s pregnant this time.

  5. She Don’t Know What To Say But, To Be Kind. KeKe Palmer Shut That Mouth Up For A Minute. She Really Need To Stop Bashing Young Ladies

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