Amina Buddafly is Not Here for Yandy Smith’s Storyline

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

Yandy Smith’s storyline on the current season of “Love and Hip Hop New York” consists of her nasty feud with Mendeecees Harris’ other baby mamas and apparently Amina Buddafly is just not feeling it.

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  1. I don’t even know why hey asked her that question she was t even smart enough to cut loose from thatvstiryline she been in for yrs now….and she still talking about if Peter wanted her she would go back she’s obviously a dilly bird just like Tara….ain’t no1 better or more amusing they are all sad and looking stupid

  2. I wouldn’t say Yandy’s storyline is boring but the whole situation has just made her hard to like. Maybe that’s what Amina was trying to say.

  3. Honestly I agree. Hell the whole season has been boring. It’s just too fake now. It’s too obvious everything is staged.

  4. Yandy just proved she ain’t no better than Tara or Amina. She’s a desperate bird with a no good a-s dude like Peter. Mendeecees grown a-s is in prison blaming women for the bad choices he made. No one held a gun to his peanut shaped head and forced him to f-ck without a rubber. Yandy is a dumb-s for not seeing his ain’t sh-tness.

  5. LMBO! All jokes aside, I can actually agree with Amina on this. It was interesting at first, but now I’m over Yandy’s storyline. Especially when she keeps lying about every damn thing.

  6. Amina is friends with Erica Mena. And Erica can’t stand Yandy because she sat back and watched Mona play favorites for seasons. Yandy is the only one they look out for. Even now, editing and Mona are making Yandy look less bad when in reality, her whole situation is really messed up. She’s a bird but the network keeps trying to portray her as some boss. I can see why Amina isn’t feeling her. The favoritism Yandy receives has to get annoying for everyone else. And I’m sure the reunion will be the same way. Just the fact that they allowed Mendeecees to call in and allowed Yandy’s cousin to run up on Sam is BS. You can bet they would not let anyone run up on Yandy and security wouldn’t have it. But somehow Yandy’s cousin had time to run from the audience to the stage and pull Sam off the stage? Oh yeah, that was planned.

  7. Don’t y’all know it’s all fake. Mona gives them scripts to act with new supporting characters each season. Hazel-E wrote the storyline the two seasons of love and hip hop la, she and ray j are producers on the which is why a lot of things revolve around them. So I have a feeling Yandy is a producer on the shoes. Which is why the blogs know everything happening between her, the baby mama and mendecees because they’re all “acting” and feeding the blogs at the same time. Erica and Sam got good checks this season, because since Mendecees is in jail that trap money doesn’t flow like it used too.

  8. But again Amina still has no room to talk, at least Yandy and the baby Mama are fighting over a man that will put them in a crib and take care of his kids. It doesn’t look like any of Peters kids actually talks to him very much if it at all. She and Tara r fighting over a man who’s prime was in 98 when I was in the first grade.

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