1. But she has had to bankroll every man shes been with including her husband soo people suppose to be jealous because she a trick.

  2. That b-tch was lonely and bitter her damn self a couple years ago till Phaedra introduced her to Todd. Kandi gets on my single, last nerve.

  3. That’s right Kandi. Let them keep hating. All these delusional people, miserable Internet thugs, that post about you is not on your level, they can’t even compare. That’s why they so mad. Keep giving them something to hate about. Kandi soo 100.

  4. I would have never guessed Kandi would become one of those women who thinks being married somehow makes her better than single women. I guess even having money and success in your career doesn’t change the fact that so many women place their value in their marital status. Maybe that’s why she married someone who wasn’t on her level. She was desperate. :-/

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