Kandi Burruss is Still Considering Leaving RHOA?

We told you weeks ago that Kandi Burruss told a Twitter follower that she’s not sure she wants to do another season of RHOA.

Kandi just feels like the producers have been setting her up for lots of drama, and it doesn’t help that she’s not on good terms with Phaedra Parks.

In a recent interview, Kandi makes it clear that she’s still uncertain of her future on the hit reality show.

She tells Access Live:

“I definitely feel like things have gotten to be a lot.

“I feel like to be honest, every single thing that has happened drama wise has dealt with me, has included me in some way except for the drama that has included Kenya and her boyfriend. And I’m not used to that in the past. This is my eighth season on the show.

“I’m having mixed feelings right now. Truth be told, it’s my last contract. I’m having mixed feelings. There has been some moments during this year where I’m like, ‘I don’t have time for this. I’m done.’”

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  1. Kandi is so annoying. She is the one who interjected herself into all the drama this season. She’s no victim.

    1. We can take it a step further and say Kandi is also trying to get Phaedra demoted. Kandi wants Phaedra gone and a higher salary. That’s what she keeps pushing in all of these interviews.

  2. Kandi wants people especially the producers to kiss her a-s and beg her to stay. But I don’t give a sh-t of she stays or goes.

  3. How are the producers going to set you up to look stupid? That’s like blaming “editing” for their behavior when they act a fool. Kandi needs to be gone since my baby Nene is about to come back and she, Porsha, and Phaedra are the only ones I care about.

  4. So y’all want Kandi to go when the majority of all the drama is involving her? LOL ok. Phaedra stans are so delusional.

  5. Kandi has really been the most annoying person on the show this season. I didn’t think anyone would take that spot from Kenya but here we are.

  6. Kandi goes from 0-100 for reason that makes sense. Only words in her vocabulary is M..F. She’s ghetto fabulous with money. Money does not make you have class. Her beef with Porsha and Phaedra make no sense. She has changed for the worst.

  7. Personally without coming after Kandi, what is their storyline? Kandi does not need Bravo. After NeNe left and Kim, what did they have to market? Nothing. Sheree came back to shake things up. Her entire storyline with goofy Bob, is made up. He has a woman that travels with him. He is there for the paycheck. Porsha boyfriend children emancipated him due to him being a dead beat dad. Kenya, lord, another fake boyfriend. Phony, faky criminal Phaedra and Apollo, Cynthia, just boring. Besides demeaning Kandi with her lesbian rumors, what is keeping our interest. Nothing and u guys know that. Whether she is ghetto or whatever, she is a business womam whose businesses are producing. What have those women got. Basically nothing. If Bravo let them go today, Porsha house is gone. Phaedra house the feds will get for I am convinced she brought it with money Apollo stole. Kenya and Cynthia might survive. Marlo condo was paid for in cash and she has her own business as well. Instead of putting Kandi down we should pray for her and ask God to continue to bless her. Oh, she is the only one with a husband. They r just jealous. Look how she helped broke Kim, Johnny and Porsha and look how each one did her. It saddens me that such mess is tolerated by us in the name of reality TV.

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