Watch: Kenya Moore Vs. Kim Zolciak + Kim Takes the Beef to Twitter

Photo Credit: Bravo

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The second half of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” is full of drama.

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  1. Wait a second, I thought Kandi and Kenya said Porsha is the one with anger problems? So why is Kandi the one having a breakdown and threatening to choke Porsha? So will they have an intervention about that or nah? LOL!

    1. But please note that for all the bleating that goat throat b-tch does…she nevers once attempts to rush Porsha. All that crying, and snot running is just for show. Meanwhile back at the farm Porsha is sitting there cool as a cucumber.

  2. Kim never liked Kenya so I’m not surprised they get into it. I think I’m more interested in what happens when Phaedra meets Apollo’s new boo. Of course Kandi, Todd and Peter orchestrated all of that. That’s why I can’t take Kandi seriously when she complains about editing. She’s been messy and I’m glad more people are seeing it this season.

    1. No, Sheree asked that no one go to the basement and of course messy a-s Kenya made a beeline for it. Kim commented on the fact and Kenya being the thin-skinned wench that she is couldn’t pass up an opportunity to cuss Kim out and it was on from there.

  3. Honestly, this trailer looks better than any episode of this season thus far. I don’t know how to feel about Kim coming back though.

  4. So they really did bring Wig back. I have a feeling NeNe will be back next season. I’d be here for Sheree and NeNe full time.

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