LHHNY Reunion Recap: Mendeecees and Yandy Lied and We Have Proof

Photo Credit: VH1

By: Amanda Anderson-Niles

The first part of the “Love and Hip Hop New York” reunion aired last night and it was pretty explosive.

Here’s a recap of the highlights.

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  1. They lied about Erika because they want to keep up the perfect image they have had since Mendeecees came on the show. They don’t mind slandering Erika if they can keep their little reality tv empire intact.

    1. This. That’s all it is but anyone with sense saw through them both all season. Only naive people actually believe what they are selling and find their relationship cute. Yandy is a hot mess and you can’t tell that she is college educated at all.

    2. They are lying on Erika because knowing Mendeecees, he probably cheated on Yandy with her and Yandy’s pride won’t let her be honest about how much of a dog her “husband” is!! But yes, I think this is all about keeping an image too!!

  2. Most of us here already knew Yandy and her fake husband tell nothing but lies. As much as they claim to be all for the kids, their actions say otherwise. The kids will grow up to resent them both for the way they treated their mothers just for the sake of a little fame and VH1 money.

  3. Yandy lost so many points by telling her sister to sneak Samantha. I’m starting to think Samantha has hands because even her sister had to wait until Samantha was being held back to do anything. Cowards.

  4. Honestly for me, I don’t see what the big deal is about who Mendecee dated before Yandy or while with Yandy. I’m not a fan of either. It just seems so young behavior. Unless you want him back (Samantha and Erica) move on. If he is cheating on Yandy now, let her deal with him. If you are sincere about making the children stay together, then do that. All the extra sh-t is unnecessary and means nothing to them. Both Samnantha and Erica are 2 beautiful women and they are acting like to hateful busy bodies when they can move on with their own lives and be with someone who could love and respect them.

    Yandy’s cousin or sister is very wrong for coming on stage to fight Samantha. It has nothing to do with her and it makes it worse for the kids. Judy and Samantha’s mom just need to box and get it out because I’m sick of Samantha’s mom acting like a frog at every insult that comes out of Judy’s mouth.

    These beautiful women behaviors are very dissappointing.

  5. Even if UB didn’t point out it was lie it’s still gross that he said he only slept with Erika once and it was without a rubber and Yandy seemed fine with that. How low does your self esteem have to be that you don’t mind your man being such a slore?

    1. I agree with you Deja, but you will be surprised how many women will sleep with a man that has cheated on them and got the girl pregnant. As we all know it happens on a regular level and certainly on a celebrity or entertaining level. Morals and everything goes right out the door when you want what you want.

  6. I don’t understand why they lied on Erika. Why does it bother Yandy so much that he dated her? It’s the oddest thing. It just makes Yandy look so insecure.

    1. I think it bothers Yandy so much because it seems Mendecees cheated on her with Erica and she’s still salty. But if that’s the case, she shouldn’t have faux married him then.

      1. I think Erica is so jealous of the whole situation that’s why she keeping up so much Mess. She needs to get a life for real

  7. It seems so strange to me how hard Vh1 is riding with Yandy when they know her and Mendeecees are lying on Erika. That’s really messed up.

  8. Come through UB. Cardi got on my nerves too last night. There was no need for her and her sister to attack Asia like that. So weak.

    1. Cardi got on my nerves as well. She was a stripper. She was poor. So f-ckin what. I love her but she has got to get past of what people are saying or going to say about her. She did what she felt she needed to do to get through it and that is her journey. She’s not doing it anymore so she just needs to be proud of her accomplishments and move on.

      I do agree that women who have men that show interest in other women always attack the other woman first and that is wrong. Aisha should have kept her fighting words for Swift and that’s it. She did not need to bring up Cardi’s past or try to put her down when she does not know her.

      Cardi and her sister was just too extra.

  9. Last night was bad because I was literally disgusted the entire time. Cardi is an insecure person who needs to get over her past. I’m glad it’s her last season because this one did her no favors. Mona needs to just retire the Creep Squad storyline. It’s embarrassing and no one cares. Remy is too good for the show. I want her and Papoose to leave. And Yandy is nothing but an educated bird. What good is a college degree if you’re not going to use it or use your common sense bew? That man is a dog and he played all three of them. And let’s be real, if Yandy wasn’t on TV and didn’t have a little coin, he wouldn’t even be with her. She’s nothing but a comeup for him anyway. His mom is a joke too.

  10. Samantha and Erika are very pretty ladies and they don’t need globs of makeup and 30 packs of weave to look good. Yandy is pressed about that, so she uses her degree and fake marriage to feel better about herself. I would love it if Samantha and Erika left the show and got in some decent relationships and stopped entertaining Yandy. She’d be sick because how else will she get her self esteem?

  11. Everyone in Harlem knows Yandy was the side chick. She also slept with Jim while he was with Chrissy. She has some nerve calling anyone else a slide.

    1. I know right! Vh1 is going out their way to make her look wholesome when she’s messy as helll. She really was crying over Mendeecees when he was with Erika. NY peeps know. Break baby my a-s. Yandy is a compulsive liar.

  12. #DEAD at all the lies they keep telling. Yandy better hope and pray he doesn’t get out of jail and play her again or she’s going to get dragged so bad.

  13. Chile I’m just shocked people are really buying what Yandy and Mendeecees are selling. How desperate for #relationshipgoals can people be? Everyone involved looks stupid.

  14. People are jumping through all kind of hoops to defend Yandy and bash Samantha and Erika on Twitter. Society is at new lows if more people can’t see what’s wrong with this situation. Yandy didn’t win anything. She’s just as foolish as Erika and Samantha.

  15. Situations like these are just a sad reminder of why it’s so important that parents teach their daughters how to value themselves. I honestly don’t see how anyone could watch this last night and think that Yandy is any better than Erika and Sam. She has a lot of issues and seems to use her relationship as a self esteem booster. She’s in her 30s and still doesn’t get it. College degree and all.

    1. This was hard for me to watch as well. When it comes down to it, Mendecee had something with all 3 and he is with Yandy now. He said it and she co-signed it. There is nothing else left to talk about on that subject. I don’t know why for the life why Erica and Samantha are pursuing the who slept with who or who was with him. I don’t know why Yandy allowed this to get under her skin. It doesn’t matter if it was a 1 night stand or a 10 week relationship. The point is that is not claiming you now. If it were me and a man came at me saying we wasn’t this or that. I would not give him or another woman the time or day to let them even think that it bothered me. I would go away and allow the courts to collect my child support. Yandy is with Mendecee. She is doing what any woman would do and that is to side with their man regardless if it is right or wrong. She has to come to her own reasoning and make light of it within. Going back and forth proving something or making fun of who loves who and who is he with is not glossing either crown. Erica, Samantha and Yandy has allowed this show to make them look like desperate childish women.

  16. Cardi pissed me off. Why was she doing the most to someone who is clearly not a fighter? That’s a punk move. Just like Yandy’s wack sister attacking Samantha while her back was turned and be hemmed up by security. If you’re bout that life, square up!

  17. Ok I just watched this and this has to be the trashiest reunion show of all time. They actually topped Joseline that one year she was coked up and attacked multiple people. And Yandy’s sister? Come on now. Yandy can’t fight her own battles at 35 years old? Samantha wasn’t even free to do anything. How do you attack someone when they can’t even defend themselves? Disappointments all around. I’m glad the season is over.

  18. I’m really hating this season. It’s way too ratchet for me. I can’t believe Yandy even allowed this to make it on TV. She’s been real good at keeping herself out of mess. Makes me wonder if Mona forced her hand.

  19. You mean people were really believing these lies? It’s so obvious Erika and Mendeecees were in a relationship. They lived together and had an apartment together. They went on trips together. And at one time, Judy and his sister were very, very close with Erika. I guess they decided to throw her under a bus because they feel like Yandy can do more for them than Erika can. But Yandy should be careful because if they don’t mind turning on Erika like that, what does she think they will do to her one day?

  20. This is why I don’t have an issue with Erika doing the show to defend herself. Now some of us may not mind two people lying and calling us a “slide” on national TV but others do. You just can’t tell that they shouldn’t defend themselves if that’s what they want to do. And clearly Erika want to defend her reputation. Especially since she has a child who is going to grow up and probably watch all of this one day.

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